Are you near Bentonville, Arkansas? If so, lucky you! The trails are sweet and those all-time fall time conditions are PRIMO right now. The Kona demo squad is heading to Outerbike on October 25-27 and we’ll have a ton of bikes waiting for you to test out! Come hang with Wilson and his dog Fred from our east coast tour and Miles from our west coast tour.

The bikes we’ll have available include:
The Process 134 DL 27.5
Process 134 DL 29
Process 134 CR 29
Process 134 CR DL 29
Process 153 CR 29
Hei Hei
Honzo ST

In other words, we’ll have a whole host of some of our favorite bikes. So be sure to come hang out, throw your leg over a shiny new Kona and see for yourself what all the hype is about!