There is probably no better bike on the market than the Kona Shonky. It’s a bit of a cheat to say that, because again, there aren’t all that many bikes on the market. But that proves how rad it is that the Kona Shonky is back. The brand that brought this category to the masses is still bringing it.” 

At the height of the Kona Clump era complete Shonky’s where everywhere. But in the 2020’s it seems that the humble dirt jumper had become a very specialist tool, and finding complete DJ setup on the shop floor was like finding a needle in a haystack. Well, thanks to the global proliferation of the asphalt pump track, complete Shonky’s are back! (You can still by them as a frame only too). We sent one out to  Travis Engel, Bike Magazine’s resident trail boss, to get his impressions and after a couple of weeks on the bike, he’s posted up his early impressions on Bike’s website.

You can find the full write up here HERE.