I left y’all up on Cottonwood Pass. We just mowed down burgers, fries, and malts. Then pedaled uphill for 10miles to the CT trailhead where we slept soundly by the Middle Cottonwood Creek. 

Spirits were up the morning of day 4. It was resupply day. We hopped on our bikes and had a tough but relatively short traverse over to the Mount Princeton Hot Springs. We shipped a couple boxes of food, fresh chamois, and more food that were waiting for us.

 A fresh chamois never felt so good.

 We reorganized and got back on the trail. Heavy as the day we started, maybe heavier. I did come to the realization, after we filled our camelbacks, that this would be the heaviest we would be for the rest of the trail.

This resupply was crucial as we needed to have 4 days worth of food on board. We would be cruising through non-civilized territory (no gas stations, no nothing) and we would be taking on the most arduous sections.

Back on the trail we continued to eat up some pretty dope single track. It all culminated in a big descent down to Hwy 50. From there it was up Foosses Creek, a 12-mile climb with a steep pitch at the top resulting in a hike-a-bike that rivaled miner’s creek but was a joy in comparison.

It was after 6pm when we got over the top. We descended down to a spring, got water and called it a night.

 It was a smooth day, which was nice because we would be taking on Sargents Mesa tomorrow. A 20 something mile rock garden staying between 11.5k-12.5k ft. Never climbing for too long nor descending but constantly prohibiting any amount of momentum to be carried, which would prove to hurt more mentally than physically.