Kona Ambassador Brooklyn Bell is no stranger to fighting the good fight for diversity and inclusion in the outdoor industry. As a woman of color, Bell has dealt with the broad spectrum of challenging treatment from racism to tokenism. Teton Gravity Research sat down with Bell to figure out how she’s paving the way for others, as well as how media, brands, and individuals can provide a more welcoming and empowering environment for everyone.

Bell says in order to bring more diversity into the fold there are several things that have to happen. Personally, she wants to be present and be a voice. She is a representative of the people and her presence helps to change perspectives. “I try to give people opportunity. I try to open doors I’ve been walking through and bring people with me. I send other athletes to companies that want me to be an ambassador,” she says. “There’s not just one thing I do, but there’s a lot of different things we can do together. I can’t do it all myself.”

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