By Ambassador Ben Gerrish

Another part of the Going Nowhere series.

A fitting name in conjunction with my riding, a whole hour can sometimes of passed, with the best intention to put in some KM’s and I somehow haven’t left the tarmac car park.  But I have managed to fakie 10 spaces, 180 the curb in the corner and kick a bit of dirt up against the wall to create in my eyes “the best wall ride, EVER!”

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll more than happily get on with the ride… it’s just when I am left to my own devices, my mind wanders, always looking slightly off trails see what might be on offer.  This short film was an attempt to get some of these ideas out of my system.  A lot of these spots can be seen from the road, craning my neck on a regular commute or on the way back from the trails, the rest are side hits and slight diversions or different directions, on a regular ride.

Changing up the angle on some old classics.

And so, to avoid wasting anymore of anyones time, whilst I pissed about on esoteric line choices, I decided to go self filmed again.  Camera on a tripod (sometimes precariously balanced on a rock) dog looking confused as to what the hell is going on and many gigabytes of footage of me running away from the camera and clumsily pushing my bike up the hill.