This was my first time in Pemberton, apart from a brief and horrible night spent killing mosquitos last year on a camping trip. So it wouldn’t surprise you that I was expecting more of the same this time around… But Pemberton surprised me by adding black flies, 35+ degrees and 2″ of dust to the agenda. On the first night of shooting, we ran up Rusty Trombone in an attempt to find that lovely low summer light we drove up here for. Unfortunately, our light had already set and we were left with greasy shadows and a very bright sky – not exactly what we were hoping for but thankfully we kept each other laughing at the crazy conditions and worked with what we were given. Thankfully the next day the light swung in our favour. We got up at 5 am, packed some food, packed up our tents, and took off to Cop Killer, a seriously scary double black trail that attracts hosts of talented riders. I think Colby said it best “Pemby is fast, loose and hot as shit”! – Tristan Deggan

Colby is running a Union rim up front and a Strife in the rear on his Kona Process X

Can you tell he loves his bike? I have been riding since I was 3 yrs old, with no intentions on stopping and I am currently based out of North Vancouver. This year I am super stoked about riding my first race circuit and eventually I want to become pro. I have been working hard the last year with a Blueprint trainer, Joel, gaining a lot of knowledge and hoping to put that to use! I recently filmed my first movie with Tristan in Pemberton and North Vancouver, for Kona and We are One. I had so much fun filming, but it was a lot more work than I anticipated, with climbing and riding for hours in the heat – but super stoked on how it turned out. Thank you to We are One and Kona for funding such a great project and all of the continued support. – Colby Pringle

We both suffered a little with the heat but the dusty atmospherics made me happier than JJ Abrams using anamorphics!

Wrapping up the video in Colby’s hometown, North Vancouver for some loam and jumps.

A huge thank you to We Are One and Kona for supporting this project!

Credits: Video and photos produced by: Tristan Deggan