Words and photos by Ambassador Riley Seebeck.

I randomly got a text early in the morning from a fellow photographer pal who I’ve shot the Trans BC with. Texting me about an enduro in Nepal that one of our crazy medic friends somehow heard about. This really should be a story about how mountain biking has given me friends all around the world but Nepal was a special one. Hard for me to pick one person who really made an impact on my visit more than my friend Mukhiya who also goes by Snowmonkey. He is also a photographer but way more badass than I ever will be. Mukhiya shoots snow leopards in the Manang valley high up in Nepals Himalayan mountains where the chances of getting these shots are 1:1000. Waiting in freezing temperatures for hours or even days, Mukhiya waits in respect without bait, without any sign of intrusion. Mukhiya believes just like all Nepali that animals are living creatures too and deserve just as much respect as a fellow human. A man of the land, he also sews his own traditional garb after recently eliminating real firs for fakes. It was really a refreshing experience to share with someone, the trip I wanted Nepal to be. It was deeper than just a mountain biking trip/race, it was an experience and that’s what life is all about.

The cool thing about this trip was the fact that it was a close group of friends already from around the world converging in Nepal. We had NZ, Tasmanian, South Africa, Singapore, Vermont, Colorado and Washington riders who I had met at Enduro races in previous years who also had the same story as myself.

Mountain biking has been the universal link between worlds for me and without it I wouldn’t be the human being I am today. Friends across the world have opened doors to new experiences, adventures, jobs, and more friendships. Cheers to Friends in Far Places!