Words by Ambassador Jakub Kocjan // Photos by Ewa Kania

Being a huge winter sports fan, putting my trusty steed (Kona Process CR/DL 153 29) away after a somehow rewarding but exhausting pandemic year brought both feelings of nostalgia and excitement. 

The days of checking weather forecasts over reading Pinkbike had finally come. Just thinking about earning fresh powder turns brings a tingling sensation from head to tor to my whole body.

Looking back in time we had plenty of snow to make the winter season as successful as it was. An over one-meter dump of feather light Japow snow at the beginning of January made the anticipation absolutely rewarding!

But hey, it’s the end of April here in Poland and we’ve got another snowfall. With the ski resorts closed due to national restrictions and burned legs after the ski-tour season, I wanted to shout, “Enough is enough! !inter please go away! Let’s the new beginnings finally start.” 

It’s the time when we normally rediscover how great mountain biking is. Nothing can beat the pure endorphin release during the first spring ride wearing a favourite t-shirt with a bunch of dudes you haven’t seen for a while. It is so easy and approachable when only a short climb separates you from achieving the flow state.

Just go ride your f*cking bike!

Let me show you my definition of perfect spring ride.

Together with Pstrykania we went on a photo mission to discover local trails of Magurka Wilkowicka located just outside the city of Bielsko-Biala (South border of Poland). With the rainfall over night we gave up our dreams about chasing the dust. Thinking about slippery roots reminded me it can be the perfect opportunity to gain confidence riding wet, insecure, conditions. We had nothing to lose and the light was begging for some shots.

The trail we decided to  try welcomed us with a blend of light and shadows and numerous fast turns mixed with sneaky roots literally just waiting to catch the tires and made the Kona Process the dancing queen.

Taking it easy at the beginning, I was gaining confidence with every run. 

The one thing I learned through last season about my Process 153 29 is that you can actually get a bike that rides well in the bike park thanks to its nimble geometry and general playful character, but is still being capable of shredding the gnar with a help of coil shock giving the hell of a support and confidence. Being half park-rat, half man-made trails abuser it’s the complete package I was looking for!

Having a pretty good time together, at some point I even forgot we went for a photo mission and started to get shoots by my Iphone.

Working with Ewa Kania brings a female point of view showing something more than just riding – the beauty of nature and the essence of mountain biking. As the sunset came down we knew we got the most of the day making the new beginnings the ultimate experience.

Thank you for your time. Hope you experienced at least a fraction of fun we had.

See you soon on trails.