“It’s true, Kailey Kornhauser isn’t your “typical” cyclist. 

Actually, fuck that. The real truth – and I realize we live in an era of supposed alternative truths, but that’s dumb and you know it – is that Kailey is your typical cyclist. Meaning she’s passionate about riding her bike, does it for both fun and fitness, and has some rad stories to tell because of it. What makes her atypical is her positivity and drive and how she consistently uses that to make the cycling universe a much more inclusive, supportive, and altogether better place to be.”

“I caught up with her in a rare free moment, as aside from being a pivotally motivational figure she’s also deep in a PHD program, and we discuss how she got into bikes, what they mean to her and where she’s gotten to go because of them, and, yes, how she came to be an icon for the representation of all bodies on bikes.” –James Joiner, Kona Ambassador and host of Kona Cog Cast