I’m a dead-keen weekend warrior who started working in a bike shop in Australia (Cycle City Canberra [the only Kona dealer in town]) part-time, to fund my purchase of a 2014 153 DL. I’m on my third Process 153 now and own a bike hire/ retail shop and café/ bar at the local MTB park. Living the dream! 

Photos Nick Waygood

I was inspired by the Sam Hill Limited Edition Mavic Deemax Pro Wheels that came with Sam’s own Day of the Dead tatts. I think the day of the dead stuff is cool aesthetically and obviously ties in well with the well-used Ride or Die cliché.

 I had seen the work Liam Adamaitys (local legend, mustache enthusiast, and graphic designer) and Kurt Richardson from Cykel Division (Frame skin and vinyl wizard) had done on another bike. I enlisted them to continue the day of the dead theme over the frame. Liam knocked it out of the park with the design and Cykel Division worked out a very clever application with a mix of vinyl and frameskin.

The lads from SRAM in Melbourne hooked me up with the AXS upgrades that really need no introduction. The parts are so slick and give you that super clean-looking cockpit. The rest of the OEM kit and paint is so damn good (kudos to you Kona legends) I left it as is! 

The super tidy cockpit is accentuated with the addition of the Deity carbon bars, grips and matching stem.

How about those intricate details on the Mavic wheels! Such an amazing level of detail!

The unique fame wrap is again on another level, Cykel Division well and truly knocked it out of the park!