Words by Ambassador Leah Lind-White. Photos by Satchel Cronk.

Here’s to a life in motion; to a stream of fleeting moments dissolving and coalescing into one resounding sense of the passing of time. To days of dappled shade under banana leaves, that quickly morph into hours spent under the penetrating desert sun. To neighborhood jaunts of blurred pavement, clinking leashes, and the pattering of paws; all set to the sweet aroma of a fresh and fragrant batch of fish tacos. To evening rides, with dirt under tread and the unmistakable smell of sage brush all around.

Here’s to long nights studying in the drafty beach bungalow and even longer days illuminated by fluorescent classroom lights and headlights on a crowded and unrelenting maze of roads. To days without seeing the sun, and nights with heavy backpacks pushing forward into the deserted streets of a sleepy coastal town.

Here’s to beach days; to sand underfoot and in between paws. To crashing waves that, with a quick drive, turn into undulating turns of desert dirt beautifully shaped to catch the perfect ride.

Here’s to a colorful life; to the people and the places that are passed along the way. To a type of perfection that cannot be sought and can only be found between the blurry and beautifully colored mess of it all.

Here’s to the places we call home.

Here’s to a life on two-wheels.