Photos // Ambassador Alex Luise. Rider // Ambassador Simone Medici.

“To find oneself again one must have the right balance
between the forces of the unconscious mind and those of the conscious mind.”
-Matteo Mainetti

“Get lost and find yourself, like in a dream. To leave and then return, as in a journey. Explore new spaces and environments, where real mixes with surreal, to let your imagination wander. On the first day of autumn, summer is already a memory, but the mind still struggles to accept it. A dream, a pool without swimmers, where the algae have taken away water transparency, like the summer memories that become more and more blurred.” -Alex Luise

Alex and Simone took our Lost & Found theme and went to crazy extremes to bring their vision to life. Here are just a few of the photos, but be sure to check the full photo story on

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