“The Honzo defies the notion that hardtails were only made for racing and training and delivers a fun ride experience. If you are looking for a bike that is simple and just want to go out and have a blast, the Honzo is ready to rip your local trails.”

Mountain Bike Action’s September issue hit the newsstands recently and with it this solid overview of our Honzo line of bikes.

“Between the short chainstays and generous shoulder knobs on our knobby tires, the Honzo surprised us with how far it could be leaned over in corners. At high speeds, the Honzo could be whipped around playfully and didn’t stray from an inside line. On tighter sections of trail and at lower speeds, we could pick our way through tight switchbacks with some finesse. Flowing down our usual singletrack, the Honzo didn’t shy away from hitting extra features or bonus lines, no matter how technical.”

You can check out the Honzo line up here and you can read MBA’s full review here as a PDF