NSMB’s Cam McRae has been riding all over Vancouver’s North Shore (reluctantly at first) on board the new Honzo ESD. He’s just posted up his super in-depth first impressions. You can check them out on NSMB.com HERE.

After three or four undulating corners and a few small launches, I was hooked. Of course it wasn’t as smooth or as easy as the duallies I’ve been riding lately, but other elements made up for those deficiencies. I was feeling much more of the trail and having to be as dynamic as Batman and Robin put together. My attention focussed with more immediacy on the surface of the trail to avoid square edges that would hang up the rear wheel and kill my momentum, and injure my back. The overwhelming sensation was amplified engagement. My surprise about being so captivated multiplied the experience and like the Grinch, my heart grew two sizes. I was hooked after the first 2-minute descent.