In a recent post, named the Rove DL a top choice for commuting in their Cycle to Work program in the UK. This program helps people find great commuter bikes for a decent price, even providing a tax exemption in the process.

“The Cycle to Work scheme is a government tax exemption that’s offered through an employer, allowing you to save money on a bike and equipment. The maximum value for the vast majority of participants is £1,000, so that’s the top price of bikes included in this category.”

The Rove DL was selected as a top choice for its stability and handling in variable conditions. The Kona covers ground quickly and is quite a pleasure to ride on the tarmac. In the middle of winter when there is mud on the roads, loads of water and maybe even a bit of snow, the Rove just feels planted and confidence-inspiring.

You can read more about why the Rove DL was selected and the Cycle to Work scheme here.