This video was filmed, edited, and features the rad guys behind ShireBuilt.

Photos by Evan Skoczneski

If you have been to Galbraith Mountain in Bellingham, WA, chances are you have ridden down a trail that was created by ShireBuilt, a trail building company made of local riders and trail diggers that teamed up to build some of the best mountain bike trails in the PNW. One of Galbraith’s most popular trails, Mohawk, was built by the crew a year ago and quickly became a local favorite. Full of flowing lines and jumps that get progressively bigger as you descend, Mohawk has become one of the signature jump trails in Bellingham. The bottom section was just rebuilt and features a few larger jumps and a hip fit for Shakira. 

Photo by Eric Mickelson

ShireBuilt was created a couple years ago to help make our growing mountain bike community so epic by building trails that the are big, creative, and add an entirely different dimension to the local riding. Spencer, Andy, Scott, and James are the faces of ShireBuilt. Their skill-progressive trail building style, with small jumps next to the bigger jumps, was quickly adopted by the community and has helped create some natural-born shredders.

Photos by Eric Mickelson

You can follow along with the Shire crew on their Instagram account, @shire.built