North of Roanoke, Va there is an enormous network of Ridges and Valleys. Nestled in that rugged terrain is North Mountain. A 12.8mile ridge line with single track that stretches across it’s entire spine, aptly named the Dragon’s Back. 

Dropping off the Dragon’s back are 4 trails, which brings the total mileage to 36 and the elevation gain to 7,800+ft. When/if you can ride all the trail on North Mountain, including the entire ridge line, you have successfully slayed the Dragon.

Not many people can say they have even done this ride. To simply go ride it for “fun” requries an antire morning and most of the afternoon, 6ish hours. The Dragon is a beast.

But when you ride it as fast as possible, the beast becomes alive!

Kerry Werner, resident of Roanoke, Virginia, plunges into the ridges and valleys of his backyard to Slay the Dragon and set a new Fastest Known Time. 3:40:43. Who will be next?!