By Ambassador Gretchen Leggitt

Over the past few months, reality seems to have transformed into one of Dali’s paintings of melting clocks hanging from a leafless tree in an austere desert. Slammed work days crammed into too short a week, bookended by overloaded weekends of nonstop movement, noise, chaos and fun…so much fun…have turned homogeneous, lackadaisical days that drift in and out in a foggy haze. A Twilight Zone tone seems to be the backdrop of every conversation and the world is like a top spinning out of control, sparking a surreal medley of activity, boredom, solidarity, mayhem, inspiration, fear, bliss and sadness. 

I have been navigating through this unknown territory, as we all have, trying to find my own path. I have joined the Zoom Movement, I dabble in living room yoga and online drawing clubs. I’m doing crosswords, drinking endless cups of coffee, having staring contests with my cat, pulling weeds and entertaining myself in solo dance parties. Amidst it all, I find that riding bikes has been my primary tool to stop the roulette game of reality from spinning out of my control.

My Sutra and Process have been grounding elements, anchors to my happiness and faithful steeds to my sanity. Within a second of hopping on the saddle, compiled layers of trepidation peel away and I am able to reconnect with my roots. Balancing on two wheels, I am able to find a place in this world where I am completely in control. I breath out stale air and gulp in vitality and for those hours, I exist in perfect happiness. Alone. Safe. 
I know I am lucky. I count my blessings everyday. My heart goes out to the many, many people are not as fortunate as I to have the opportunity to ride during these times, but they will come soon. There is hope. Spring is emerging and adventure is on the horizon.