“I don’t really chase any thoughts out, I  just let them drift by and you don’t put any effort into trying to direct your mind. It’s just, whatever it is, is there. I think of it as like an ocean sometimes. It starts as these giant waves of big thoughts but eventually it just calms down”

Cory Wallace has three World 24hour championships and two Canadian national MTB championship titles to his name. But no amount of physical training prepared him for one of the more obscure 2020 experiences. Becoming marooned at 3000m above sea level in a Buddhist Monastery. Cory developed insight and perspective to his cycling life that has left him an admittedly more balanced athlete.

Renown for completing cycling adventures and races in some of the most remote parts of the world, Cory Wallace has over his three decades in cycling accrued a bank of incredibly interesting stories. From planting trees as a teenager, to cutting them down in the frozen wilderness for months on end in his early 20’s, to leading the life of a professional MTB racer. This former ice hockey player shares his amazing continuing journey with us from his Canadian base on the West Coast town of Victoria. Gain some insight and inspiration from this stunning story of passion, perspective, patience, and hard work!