Matt Jacobs of Bicycling Magazine has been spending a bit of time aboard the Remote CTRL recently. His simple synopsis? “The Remote CTRL is the most natural feeling eBike we’ve ever tried.” Matt used the Remote CTRL for all kinds of rides and noted that he was able to ride every kind of terrain he’d normally ride, only longer and faster, sticking with our claim that eBikes can make biking more fun for every type of rider. Matt agrees, saying, “It isn’t just for riders who may need a little assistance; the E-MTB mode creates an organic riding experience that allows you to take the skills you already have and ride faster and harder. I stayed out on the trail for much longer than I usually do on a traditional mountain bike, and still came home feeling like I exerted myself.

His review is extremely thorough and goes through both geometry and spec and how both things affect ride quality. To see the full review, be sure to head on over to

For more information on the Remote CTRL visit KonaWorld.