“What Kona has done with the ESD is let their mature Honzo hang out with the wrong crowd, only to return with a mohawk and attitude.”

The Radavist’s Kyle Klain has just published his full review of the all-new Honzo ESD. You can check out the full review and John Watson’s truly epic photoset HERE.

Where the Kona really shined was in fast, wide-open style descents where you get low on the bike and start carving up the trail like a ski racer. The short rear end has a tendency to oversteer on loose ground causing plenty of pucker moments, particularly since the front end tracks so consistently. Once you find that breaking point, though, every obstacle and b-line becomes a playground and you can flick the tail any which way you want. Even on familiar trails, you start scanning for options to jib, jump, and jab as much as possible.