Rider: Johannes
Bike: Rove LTD
Commute: one way 12km     d+100m 
Route: quickest bike path asphalt route in the morning/ extended route gravel rides every noon if there is time 
Rides per week: 2-3 depending on the weather
Motivation: beat my boss in the commuter challange/ love riding bikes too much 
Location: Upper Bavaria (Germany)

Rider: Sébastien
Bike: Honky Tonk or Jake the Snake
Commute: one way 11km     d+150m 
Route: quietest path or route in the morning/ extended road or gravel rides every noon if there is time 
Rides per week: 3-4 depending on the weather and the planning
Motivation: Like to see the sunrise / love riding bikes too much 
Location: Fribourg (Switzerland)

  • Preprare your kit / everything the night before
  • Have a little frame or bar bag with a repair kit and to put stuff like gloves, buff, keys, phone, and lock when riding.
  • Have good riding glasses that you can use in the morning when it’s dark and also at noon when the sun is out
  • Double-check the weather to avoid a rainy surprise or too cold fingers
  • Store some breakfast at work so you don’t have to carry it (you will be hungrier after riding)
  • Lock your bike lock at the bike garage at work so you don’t have to carry it each time
  • Take a spare t-shirt with you and leave a pair of casual shoes at work
  • Put some bigger tires on the road bike and fenders
  • Install a bag rack to carry stuff which is really cool in summer when you don’t want to have anything on your back.
  • Always have a “buff” as it takes no space and allows to be comfortable with temperature variations
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Use good lighting so you can be seen
  • Start a commuter challenge with your colleagues for extra motivation
  • What better way to start the day than by riding with the sunrise and feeling the first rays?
  • Try different routes, even if you know your way around you can always find some shortcuts or new unknown paths
  • Avoid roads with cars or lots of traffic, and try to get a whole bike path or even some gravel stretches to yourself because no one is awake.
  • Don’t be in a hurry in the morning. Take a little more time to ride at a comfortable pace and enjoy the moment  #itsnotarace
  • If the distance is too long, it may be possible to combine the bike with the train or other public transport
  • You have always something to tell/ a small talk topic with other bike interested colleagues and you’ll earn respect from your colleagues
  • On the way back from work it is possible to extend the journey to make a small tour
  • stepping onto the bike after work is a way bigger stress relief than sitting in the car in the traffic jam
  • right after you leave the doorstep of the office you immediately do what you love the most

And so on… don’t wait to long and have fun!