We sent Jann at Freehub Magazine this Process 153 CR DL 29 over six months ago for a long term review. At about the five-month mark we definitely got a little nervous, about what they might say, but at the same time, we sent them a Process so what bad could they possibly say?  Well, today Jann’s review was published on the Freehub website and any nervous five-month worries we had can be put to rest as its very, very clear that Freehub LOVE the Process CR DL 29.

“These days, choosing a bike is almost becoming more of a challenge because there are so many capable options. In the long-travel 29” category, this rings especially true. But, every so often a bike comes along that defies its own classification, providing an experience almost contradictory to the principles that other bikes are governed by. The Process 153 CR/DL 29 is that bike, and it does exactly that in the most ideal sense possible.”

You can check out the full review on Freehubs’s website HERE.