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Kona Dream Builds: A Process Orange, Robert’s CR DL 29

Caleb Smith | KONA COG

After dropping off a broken mountain bike into the Path Bike Shop in Tustin, California, Robert Gordon’s life changed forever. Actually, that’s a bit dramatic, but it did change things and most definitely for the better. You see while he was without a bike, the crew at The Path loaned him a brand new Process CR DL 29. “I instantly fell in love with the Kona. Up until this point, I wasn’t even considering getting a 29er. While I was without my personal MTB I also demoed two other long travel 29ers. The Kona just felt so good in every aspect!”

Caleb Smith | KONA COG

A couple of weeks later Robert pulled the trigger on a 2019 Kona Process 153 CR DL 29 frame that The Path had in stock. Over the next three weeks, Robert researched, planned, ordered, and began receiving the bikes build parts. “I did the complete build myself and I loved every minute of it! I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. It’s so much fun to ride!”

Caleb Smith | KONA COG

The finised bike gets ridden mostly on my local SoCal local trails, mostly at Marshall Canyon, Hulda Crooks, Santana River Trail, Lower Monroe Truck Trail, Bonneli Park and Skypark Bike Park.

Caleb Smith | KONA COG
Caleb Smith | KONA COG
Caleb Smith | KONA COG
Caleb Smith | KONA COG
Caleb Smith | KONA COG

Robert’s Process Build Kit:
Shimano XTR 1×11 rear derailer and shifter
Shimano XT m8020 4 piston brakes w/ 203mm rotors
Shimano XT crank w/ 30 tooth chainring
Race Face Turbine stem and 800mm bar
Fox 36 Factory 160mm up front
Fox float X2 153mm out back
Spank Oozy 345 wheelset
Maxxis DHR 2.3 rear Maxxis DHR 2.5 front
PNW Rainier 170mm dropper
Salsa Lip Lock seat clamp
SDG Belair 2.0 saddle

Caleb Smith | KONA COG

Kona Gravity Team Preps for Derby EWS

Hot on the heels of last weekend’s Enduro World Series opener in Rotorua, New Zealand, the Kona Gravity Team has landed in Tasmania for round two. The trails in Derby are racer favorites and provide wide open, fast, and rowdy descents. We caught up with a few members of the team to talk about the early season.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG Crankworx Rotorua 2019

Connor Fearon:
“Rotorua was pretty good! I only wanted to race Rotorua EWS for fun and focus on the downhill race. I only got to practice 2 out of 5 stages so most of the racing was pretty blind. I think the highlight was not crashing on any stages. I had a lot of scary moments though! This week I’m going to practice all the stages and have a better crack at it. The derby tracks are sweet! There is less pedaling in the stages and more technical bits which will suit me.”

On whether he thought racing downhill or enduro was more challenging, Fearon said, “I think Enduro is more challenging. You have to go as fast as possible but also ride very smart to not break your bike or burn all your energy too quickly.”

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

We asked Miranda Miller about the mental and physical challenges associated with racing EWS—specifically the Rotorua race. “This race was a bit of both for me, perhaps they go hand in hand? I felt practice was so perfect- we were efficient, it didn’t require a large energy expenditure and I was riding well. But it kind of made me nervous for the race as I felt the odds of having a perfect race, after perfect practice, were low. But I also didn’t want to mentally sabotage myself…too late maybe,” she said. “The stages, although I really liked them, required a lot of pedaling and I was happy with how I was able to attack some of the sprints towards the end of stages.”

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

“The feelings I had during practice are some that I haven’t had on a bike in a long time. I think it’s a good beginning for me. There’s some pressure I feel to rock up to Enduro and start killing it but I feel like I have lots to learn before that happens. When you make mistakes your day isn’t completely busted, there’s so much more racing to be had! You also need to fire yourself up for every stage, but then come back down for the liaisons and towards the end of a big day that can get increasingly harder. That’s one goal of mine in Tasmania, to be more mindful of this process throughout the race.”

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Squamish local, Rhys Verner, is happy to start the season injury-free and with a solid team. “I learned that my fitness is good and that I have the skills to push it. It has been a long time since I have raced hard like that so Rotorua really just got my confidence up to push hard and to not be nervous. Having the team on site is a total game changer. The week felt really chill and just awesome to be able to only have to think about riding my bike. Normally EWS races are a pretty hectic week, but that week just seemed to go so smoothly. It really does facilitate having the best race possible.”

The EWS in Tasmania gets underway today with practice. Stay tuned to the Cog for updates throughout the event.

A Sutra Chinese New Year

Kona Ambassador Ryan Lindsay Bartz has the good fortune to be able to travel around the globe with her Kona Sutra. For the past several months she’s been touring through Asia and taking in the sites and sounds afforded by a gorgeous, colorful culture. For her “winter’ project, Ryan focused on the transition of winter to spring during the Chinese New Year.

“Touring on the road can bring a different form of winter than you’re used to. That’s something I love about travel. For me winter this year came in the form of raaaainy days. Though milder than usual, winter seemed to quickly turn as Chinese New Year approached. The days went from dark and grey to bright and RED. This is winter in Southern China.” –Ryan Lindsay Bartz