Kona Kids Video

At Kona, it’s all about the groms. That’s where the love starts. And if you start it off with serious fun, big confidence and incredible durability, the love grows deep enough to last a lifetime. It’s the reason why we offer one of the most diverse, performance-oriented and beautifully put together collections of kids’ bikes on the market, featuring plush downhillers, cross-country speedsters, singlespeed dirt jumpers, awesome graphics, and different colors for both boys and girls.

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Kona Grassroots rider Nils Correvon and Friends (Switzerland)

Kona Grassroots rider Nils Correvon and friends riding on great looking trails in Switzerland.

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Antoine Bizet – Versailles big freeride line video


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Ozone Bikes featured in BRAIN’s Austin Dealer tour

AUSTIN, Texas (BRAIN) — Take away the perpetually sunny skies, year-round mild temps and the ever-present Southern hospitality, and it might be easy to mistake Austin for Portland, Oregon.

Striking similarities between the two cities include: a booming population of under a million, hip food trucks and new restaurants emerging on nearly every corner, a vibrant cycling culture that spans all disciplines, a large green space accessible from town, numerous bridges that connect the downtown with other parts of the city, a growing cycling infrastructure, a vibe that makes you want to stay awhile — and above all, the two cities are siblings in weirdness, with Portland having adopted and adapted the “Keep Austin Weird” slogan for its own use. Read more

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Loving the Fall on the Kona Process 153

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Stevil Knevil rides the Oakland Kona Demo

1Read the post HERE

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MLandry_RFG_Enduro-141005-04264From RFG: Kona’s rebuilding of their mountain bike repertoire is no secret; they’ve been doing it in a big way since 2011. After 14 years we saw the death of the Stinky, a bike made famous by its affordability and silly name. In its place stood the Operator as Kona’s flagship gravity bike. A year later, the Entourage was added and was advertised as Kona’s first “Do It All” bike. Major bike reviewers around the world acclaimed the Entourage and it was clear that Kona’s mountain bikes were back on track. The Process lineup was introduced in 2013 as an apparent replacement for the Coilair. Still a 6” bike, it was apparent that Kona was using lessons learned from the Entourage and Operator on the Process. The new Process featured radically redesigned geometry, but still utilized the Walking Beam 4-bar linkage design that Kona had used for many years previous. Not to be accused of resting on their haunches, in 2014 Kona released a new suspension design exclusively for the Process line. A new, low-slung, heavily shaped rear swing arm was introduced. Utilizing a U-shaped yoke to activate the now top-tube mounted shock was something drastically different than anything seen from Kona in the past. This new Rocker Independant Suspension system catapulted the Process into the limelight as one of the bikes you need to look at if you’re in the market for a “Do It All” bike—just in time for the growth of the enduro market. Read more

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Chromag Family Album Vol. 3: Kamloops with Aggy & Friends


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Experience Cycling – The Bike, the Store, the Trail

Find out more about Experience Cycling HERE

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Cory Wallace wins stage 4 at Croc Trophy

wallace croc While the overall race lead remains with Atherton’s Greg Saw, today the Crocodile Trophy camp is celebrating its fourth elite stage winner with Cory Wallace. The Canadian National Marathon Champion finishes almost three minutes ahead of Ramses Bekkenk (NED) and Greg Saw after a wild ride, literally, only narrowly escaping the attack of a wild bull. The Austrian Guido Thaler achieves a personal best at the Crocodile Trophy with a fourth place ahead of Milton Ramos (ESP). The Elite Woman Imogen Smith calls today’s stage “the best one yet”.
Today’s stage had been a wild ride, said Cory Wallace, as he crossed the finish after 3h11:10.81, which pushed him up into third overall and only half a minute behind Ramses Bekkenk (NED) who advanced into second place after four stages. “On the first section before the technical feed zone suddenly there was this herd of wild cows and this black bull – it was huge – was chasing us”, Wallace recounted the close encounter with the “locals” that must have motivated him to pedal even harder, because he arrived at said feedzone with a 2-minute gap to a chaser group including Bekkenk, Greg Saw, the Austrian Guido Thaler and Milton Ramos from Spain, who weren’t as lucky as Wallace. They had to duck and dive to get away from the bull. “I’ve raced the Crocodile Trophy three times already, but that was the single scariest moment so far”, admitted Wallace. More at


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Helen Second at World Cup round one

wc podium 1 “2nd in the opening round of the World Cup, I’ll take that. Racing in a World Cup is always different from any other race. Everyone comes motivated, fit and ready to put it all on the line, so your early season races aren’t always a good indicator.

However, when it comes to Katie Compton, class is a good indicator of form. After a lap today she decided to give everyone a head start. I think I was around 40 seconds up on her, but that proved to not be enough.

The group at the front (Me, Cant, Harris and De Boer) didn’t hang around. Lucie Chainel decided it would be a good idea to rip everyone’s legs off at the start of the race, and when it came back together us 4 up front each took our turn to drive the race and take a small advantage. But Katie’s speed is destructive. 22 seconds quicker than me on the 3rd lap shows why she fully deserved the win. I actually thought I had a pretty good lap on lap 3…..guess I need to reconsider the use of the word good.

Anyway, It was a great race, a good crowd and a real confidence boost at this stage of the season. It puts me 2nd in the World Ranking, 2nd in the World Cup and 2nd in the BPost series. I’m going to keep believing “1st the worst, 2nd the best”.

Valkenburg is an amazing town. The atmosphere there all weekend is great and I love spending time there. Obviously Milton Keynes is going to be the best World Cup this year, perhaps even in history, but Valkenburg, keep doing what you do, because its great.

See you next year V’burg.” Helen


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Kona 2015 – Mountain Rider (Spain)

mtrider-spClick image for more

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