We Are Looking for 2020 Kona Ambassadors!

Last year we kicked off our ambassador program with smashing success. Hundreds of people from all over the world applied to help spread the Kona stoke and we could not be happier with the crew we assembled for 2019. From incredible photographers to super creative

Hannah Bergemann’s Formation

If you pay decent attention to mountain biking, chances are good you saw some coverage from a recent event called Red Bull Formation. From the outside, it looked like a curious version of a women’s Red Bull Rampage, but event founder Katie Holden wants you

Catch the KONA Demo Tour at AMBC’s Fall Festival!

The Kona Demo Tour is headed to AMBC’s fall festival this year, November 2nd! Come demo some of our favorite bikes including the all-new Process 134, Process 153 CR 29, Hei Hei and Big Honzo. We’ll have full size runs ensuring everyone can find a bike that fits just right.

Kona Dream Builds: Quick Sliver, Mark Wilson’s Process CR DL 27.5

Australian Kona Ambassador Mark Wilson has owned this jaw-dropping 27.5 Process 153 CR DL for the last five months and has loved every minute of their relationship. Working at Kona dealer Cycle City gave him the opportunity to build his Ultimate Dream Bike. “It definitely

Remote 160 Chapters: Jim Brown

Jim Brown is no stranger to the Kona family. He’s been a part of Kona racing history for decades and was recently profiled in our Finding Freedom story that spread far and wide. Jim’s story goes beyond his love and passion for cycling. Jim is

Found and Lost

Words by Ambassador Graham Beaumont. Video by @sam_wes_armitage  The title of this brief was originally Community, This video was first aired to a great group of friends at a ‘one more brew’ film night, right here in the Lake District. My incredibly talented friend Sam set

Bike Magazine Reviews the Process 24 “I’m Just Going to Say to You, That This Bike is Amazing.”

How do you review a full suspension kids bike? Well, if you’re Bike magazine, you take senior gear editor Travis Engel and team him up eight-year-old ripper Maya. The full review is up on Bike magazine right now and it’s clear that both Maya and

Kona Dream Builds: Bryan’s Shonky Might Just Be a Super Villan

It seems like it was just the other day that we brought you Byran’s super rad Honzo Dream Build. Well, he’s teamed up with Pedal Driven in Sanford, FL and gone and done it again, building this Super Villian Shonky. I mean really, other than

Finding Les Marécottes

Words and photos by Ambassador Seb De Meris. Apart from the bike parks, biking allows you to explore places you don’t know. You can then make beautiful discoveries and ride on incredible trails but also get lost or not find what you were looking for.

Miami Vice Meets…Finland?

Words and epic video by Ambassador Erkki Punttila. “I received a hot tip of a prize waiting at

Check Out Kona Ambassador Carlos Langelaan in Giro’s New Tyrant Release Video

Barcelona based Kona Ambassador Carlos Langelaan recently played the roll of host and local shredder when Giro and the 50 to 01 crew rolled in town. What no one expected from their mild mannered and softly spoken Spanish guide was that he would steal their

Remember to check out the KONA Demo Tour!

There’s only a few more dates this year for Kona’s Demo Tour! Catch the following dates before we take a break through the winter. We’ll be returning mid February – maybe even with a few new toys – so stay tuned. Come demo some of

Bicycle Crumbs Posts First Drawing and Part 1 of His Process CR 27.5 Review

We showed you Crumbs custom Dream Build test Process CR 27.5 a few weeks back. Now we have Part 1 of the Portland-based illustrator’s review and his first insanely cool illustration, which can be found on Instagram. “I felt like a different rider. I pushed

VTT Magazine loved our Process 153 DL 29!

The french magazine VTT Magazine tested the 2020 Process 153 DL 29 in their november issue. The review is brilliant, they gave our Process a 4/5 stars in the handling, traction, comfort and front/rear suspension categories! They tested the bike on the famous slopes of

Ti Tuesdays With Kona: No Expense is Spared on Dan’s Ti Humuhumu

“If I owned a bike company…” You may not have muttered those words, but no doubt, at some point in your cycling life, you almost definitely have thought them. And I’m guessing here, but I’d hazard a guess that it was most likely in relation

Eating Up Miles and Butter Tarts on the BT700

Eastern Canada’s first official bikepacking event, the BT 700, saw a massive number of riders at the grand depart in St. Jacobs, Ontario. Whether participants came out to set records or tour the mixed surface route, everyone more than likely enjoyed some good ol’ southwestern

Bentonville Outerbike is Coming!

Are you near Bentonville, Arkansas? If so, lucky you! The trails are sweet and those all-time fall time conditions are PRIMO right now. The Kona demo squad is heading to Outerbike on October 25-27 and we’ll have a ton of bikes waiting for you to

Dr. Seuss Meets Travel by Bike

Kona Ambassador Ryan Lindsey Bartz put together this whimsical little poetic video about her world travels and what it takes to truly find yourself when traveling by bike.

Kona Dream Builds: Evoque, Kirill’s Land Rover-Inspired Major Jake

Architect and hobby furniture maker Kirill has an understandable need for customization. With an interest in road cycling and a long-lasting love of Kona bikes, and having been blessed with having a local Kona dealer as his close friend, this Major Jake build was a

Barry Wicks Wins Inaugural Grinduro Japan

The inaugural Grinduro Japan was a wet and wild affair. With Super Typhoon Hagabis bearing down on the island, promoters and racers scrambled to try and make some sort of event happen. A small break in the storm’s arrival allowed for a truncated race to

konasquatch went bananas at Roc d’Azur !

After Eurobike, the KonaSquatch continued his pilgrimage through the most famous European events. Armed with 50 kg of

Ambassador Simone Medici Crowned Gravitalia Overall Champion!

Congrats to Ambassador Simone Medici for taking the overall title in the Italian Gravitalia National circuit! Here’s his recap of the big event. I started the season with an overall podium goal. At the beginning of 2019, I started working full time in the local

Lost and Found: An Ode to My Honzo

Words by Ambassador Delia Massey. Photos by Kinsey Smith. What do you do when your Process 153 is in the shop for a few weeks, but it’s the perfect time of year for big alpine adventure rides? You throw some Minions on your Honzo and

The Shortest Night

As we enter fall the days are becoming shorter and the temperatures are dropping. It seems like it always happens so fast. While most of us celebrate the longest days of summer, Ambassador Trevor Browne opted to ride through the shortest night on his Dynamo

Pinkbike’s First Look at the Process 134

The Process 134 has been gaining more and more attention in the market, just being named one of MBR Magazine’s best trail bikes for 2020. Pinkbike’s Mike Kazimer had the chance to ride one around his local trails to get a good first look at

Lost & Found, A Love Story

Words and photos by Ambassador Lita Monaghan. You may be familiar with the age-old practice of giving specific anniversary gifts based on the number of years you’ve been married.  Anniversary gifts start out simple, and as the years pass, a strong marriage becomes associated with

Finding Winter In The Sierra Nevadas

Words by Ambassador Becky Gardner. They say the only constant in life is change, and the seasons are the perfect reminder of this. Once we get all cozy and comfy with one season the weather quickly rips the rug out from under us reminding us

Lost and Found by Markus Zieher

Words by Ambassador Markus Zieher It´s that Time of the year again when the sun sets down early. We are moving towards winter. That means short or no evening sessions at the Dirt Jumps cause we lost the sun light. But @s-trails_2.0 found a solution. He „just“ built some kind

My Kona: Lacy Kemp

Everyone knows Bellingham is a pretty sweet place to ride a bike. But, it’s also a pretty sweet place to live out your trail dog retirement life. Kona Communications Manager Lacy Kemp has an old dog named Roscoe. In his heyday, Roscoe was the epitome

The KONA Demo Tour is making a swing through the midwest!

Come demo some of our favorite bikes including the all-new Process 134, Process 153 CR 29, Hei Hei and Big Honzo. We’ll even have a few Libres ready to ride at select stops. We’ll have full size runs ensuring everyone can find a bike that

Time Travel Through the Olympic Peninsula

Words and Images by ambassador Lita Monaghan. I recently embarked on a multi-day bike ride with an amazing group of women cyclists, as well as my husband, “The Eric,” who provided luxury SAG during the ride.  The route took us not only on a tour

Process 134 Named a Hottest 2020 Trail Bike

Mountain Bike Rider (MBR) magazine has just announced their top 10 hottest trail bikes for 2020 and the Process 134 CR DL was named a top pick. “Same travel as the old Process 134, but the latest version now rolls on 29in wheels. Updated geometry and suspension make for

Lost and Found in the Mountains of Madrid

Words and photos by Ambassador Clara Cendoya Ibanez Yuhuuu!! Warm time, rain, mud party!!  It is a shame

Kona Dream Builds: Worth The Wait – Brayden’s Honzo St

We will never, ever, ever get over seeing a custom Honzo. The affordable and progressive frame is an

Kona Dream Builds: Sean’s “We Are Running out of Purple names” Process 153 CR DL

I’m getting worried, this bike has only been in shops for just over a month, and I’m pretty sure we are going to be seeing a bunch more of these pop up as Dream Builds. Before this bike and colour even arrived on the scene

All Time F All Time

Peter Wojnar is no stranger to the Kona family. His camera skills have helped us bag crazy cool shots on multiple shoots and his gimbal skills are second to none. Woj wanted to take a step back into his filming education and try his hand

Kona Dream Builds: Bart’s ‘Purple Trail Eater’ 2020 Process 153 CR/DL 29er

When you upgrade from a 2019 to a 2020 Version of the same bike, it truly must be love. That’s exactly what it was when Kona UK Rider James ‘Bart’ Bartholomew first saw the all new 2020 Prism Purple-Blue colourway. . and do you blame

Kona Enduro Riders Earn Silver and Bronze Medals at Trophy of Nations

Finale Ligure has been a location full of mixed results for our enduro riders. As a U21 rider, Rhys Verner won there in 2017 with a time that would have had him 14th in the elites, but then last season, after coming back from a

Lost and Found in Dreams

Photos // Ambassador Alex Luise. Rider // Ambassador Simone Medici. “To find oneself again one must have the right balancebetween the forces of the unconscious mind and those of the conscious mind.” -Matteo Mainetti “Get lost and find yourself, like in a dream. To leave and

Kona Dream Builds: Miranda Miller and Connor Fearon’s Trophy of Nations Custom Process Bikes

While the EWS wrapped up last weekend in Zermatt Switzerland, the year’s Enduro racing for the Kona Gravity Team has one last official engagement, and that is the UCI sanctioned Trophy of Nations race in Finale Ligure, Italy. In addition to Miranda Miller and Rhys

Colt Fetter’s Custom Wozo

Kona Ambassador Colt Fetters is big on adventure biking. When it came time for him to choose a bike, he opted for the Wozo. The bigger tires and carrying capabilities were exactly what he needed for adventures in the desert or snow. Colt also modified

Kona Dream Builds: Goldfinch Cyclery Builds one RAD Shonky

We LOVE Shonky builds. I mean we really love them. Getting to see just how unique and inspiring people can get with such a simple frame is seriously refreshing, and this Shonky build that Logan and his crew at Goldfinch Cyclery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Beast Coastin’ on the 153

The Beast Coasters (ambassadors Stephen Pope and Ryan Mcevoy) have been busy playing hard throughout the Vermont summer. They put together this fun little video of their home turf on Burk Mountain. A little bit BMX, a little bit DH- these boys know how to

Odin Wood’s Beervet Kona Unit AKA the Farmgate

We’re guessing you’ve heard of a brevet, right? No? Well a Brevet is basically a randonneuring event, one

Kona Dream Builds: The Ultimate Upgrade, Bryan’s 2018 Honzo

Bryan Dexter went into Pedal Driven, his local bike shop in Sanford, Florida with a recent craigslist find; a Trek X Caliber 8 to get some quotes on some upgrades for it. Matt the owner pointed him in the direction of a new Honzo, the

Adventuring in the PNW with Path Less Pedaled and Swift Industries

Russ from Youtube channel Path Less Pedaled has been out in Seattle recently gathering content with the fine

The Maxxis Shimano CX Team Races Their First Real Mudder!

Kerry: After a 3.5 hr drive north east from Iowa City we were firmly located in the heartland of squeaky cheese curds, where the mascot switched from an Iowa Hawkeye to a Wisconsin Badger. There was rain predicted during the week but Friday when we

Kona Dream Builds: Golden Girl, McKai’s exquisite 2020 Process 153 CR DL

It had to happen, we just didn’t think it would be this soon, Bellingham based rider McKai has taken the gold decals on the 2020 Process 153 CR DL and gone to town. Kashima coated forks, gold chainring, gold chain, and gold lock-ons. Well maybe

Jingle Cross, The World Cup Kick-Off

Kerry: After a solid performance at Rochester in the C1 on Saturday, against some of the fastest competition