Bike Magazine – Precept DL – one of the 10 Best Deals of 2015

KonaPreceptDLGoKona Precept DL, $1900 USD

From Bike Mag: I’m a fan of the way Kona’s Process models ride—they’ve hit the nail on the head with the feel and fit of those bikes. The Precept DL shares much of the same geometry (low bottom bracket, stubby chainstays, slack-ish head angle), but squeezes it all together in a less expensive package. You’re not going to be bowled over by swoopy lines, or swank parts, but the ride is fairly dialed and Kona’s are notoriously bomber—they have to be to survive Northwest conditions. The 5-inch (130 millimeter) travel Precept DL is equipped with RockShox suspension (a 140-millimeter travel Sektor Silver TK up front and a Monarch R out back), Shimano Deore drivetrain, and 650b WTB wheels

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Dirt Magazine interviews Kona Gravity Team mechanic Mathieu Dupell

Screenshot 2014-10-30 09.12.50Click the image to read the interview


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Aggy and friends going Hoff at Retallack


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Dirt Magazine reviews the Process 167: “I was able to smash into turns with equal excitement as I would on any downhill sled”

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CX Super Grassroots rider Matthew Webber – Report

HF_2_Neil_EllisonThe weather seems finally to have turned in our part of the world. File treads and short sleeves are gradually being replaced by mud tyres and arm-warmers, although the real ‘cross weather is yet to come.

I’ve had a taste of what’s in store on my local training rides. In the space of a rainy afternoon, Epping Forest is transformed from a dry and dusty playground to a sodden swamp, but slick trails are good practice, and I enjoy the added challenge of some leaf-strewn slipperiness to keep my skills topped-up.

The last few weekends have been packed with racing and riding, the high point being a trip to Round 1 of the National Trophy Series in Shrewsbury, a nerve-jangling foray into the top end of UK cyclocross, but one that actually went surprisingly well.
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Silvia – Jackson Phillips Video

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Nate Cheyne: This Is How We Live With Passion Video

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Helen Wyman blog: Fighting for equality in ‘cross

women_111_670From CyclingNews: Should American companies sponsor European races?

Phase one of the season has come to a close. I’ve just had my first weekend away from a race since CrossVegas, which opened my season. I hadn’t been there for six years, so thought I was long over-due a trip there to try my hand at a race often billed as a potential World Cup event. It’s progressed so much and Brook Watts truly puts on a world-class presentation.

Having a weekend off is often a luxury during the ‘cross season, which seems crazy when you compare it to the program of a road or MTB rider. Cyclo-cross is very intense and although we’re not racing as long, there is still a huge amount of similarities in the effort, including the stress and preparation in the run up to each important event. I work really hard to ensure I get certain weekends off to allow me to train hard as much as recover. Read more


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Antoine Bizet wins best trick at Taxco Urban DH


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Kona Grassroots rider Nils Correvon and Friends (Switzerland)

Kona Grassroots rider Nils Correvon and friends riding on great looking trails in Switzerland.

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Antoine Bizet – Versailles big freeride line video


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Ozone Bikes featured in BRAIN’s Austin Dealer tour

AUSTIN, Texas (BRAIN) — Take away the perpetually sunny skies, year-round mild temps and the ever-present Southern hospitality, and it might be easy to mistake Austin for Portland, Oregon.

Striking similarities between the two cities include: a booming population of under a million, hip food trucks and new restaurants emerging on nearly every corner, a vibrant cycling culture that spans all disciplines, a large green space accessible from town, numerous bridges that connect the downtown with other parts of the city, a growing cycling infrastructure, a vibe that makes you want to stay awhile — and above all, the two cities are siblings in weirdness, with Portland having adopted and adapted the “Keep Austin Weird” slogan for its own use. Read more

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