Kona And the Vamos Outdoor Project Seek to Improve Community Ties

We are honored to announce our partnership with the Vamos Outdoor Project. Vamos is a Bellingham-based group that

Tristan Lemire Takes the Win at the Mountain Creek ProGRT

Kona Gravity team rider Tristan Lemire is making his mark in the downhill world. At just 14 years-old, Lemire is no stranger to the top step of the podium. His most recent victory came at last weekend’s ProGRT in Mountain Creek, where he was racing

There Cannot Be Light Without Darkness

Words by Kona Ambassador Delia Massey. Photos by Kona Ambassador Riley Seebeck. Late winter and spring were a journey through darkness for me, but I feel like I have finally come out into the light. The past few years I have had a policy of

Kona Dream Builds: Kristina’s Race Ready Hei Hei CR DL

Kristina Young is the Brand Manager at All Spoked Up in Batavia, Illinois. When she’s not trying to keep their two locations fully operational, she tries to balance bikes, bills, and mom life with her husband and two kids. I’ve ridden hardtails forever, but have

Peru Through The Eyes of Myles Trainer

Words and photos by Myles Trainer. Every pedal stroke you smell it. While every revolution you hear it.

Washington, the KONA Demo Tour is headed your way!

Come demo some of our favorite bikes including the Process 153 CR 29 and 27.5, and Big Honzo CR. We’ll even have a few Libres ready to ride at select stops. We’ll have full sizes runs ensuring everyone can find a bike that fits just right. Here are some events coming

Illuminated Days

Words and illustration by Kona Ambassador Gretchen Leggitt. Photos by Wang. Gretchen rides the Kona Sutra LTD. A few months ago, as a bonus hour of daylight coincided with the trees sprouting their first buds, opportunities for spontaneous, bike-fueled camping adventures blossomed. Although I’d consider

The Final Rays

Words by Kona Ambassador Becky Gardner. Photos by Ryan Wiegman. Becky rides a Process 153 CR DL 27.5. It’s 5 pm and I’ve just finished with whatever was on my plate for the day. I debate with myself if I have time to quickly get

Ti Tuesdays With Kona: Seth’s Ti Esatto Commuter

Seth is in charge of warehouse logistics, shipping and our Konz showroom in North Vancouver. He’s also the son of one of the longest-running Kona employees, Dik Cox, and has been around the brand since his birth. A couple of years back he started racing

Leah Maunsell Wins the Latest Round of the Irish National Enduro.

Kona Ambassador Leah Maunsell is well into her racing season and hitting her stride, taking a win in the most recent round of the Irish National Enduro Series aboard her Process 153 CR DL 29. “After less than a week at home after the EWS,

Bridleway Light

Kona Ambassador Tudor Gillham took his creative skills to his local Wales Bridleway Paths and created this gorgeous short film showing the simplicity of riding in the perfect light. Tudor rides the Sutra LTD—the perfect bike for long gravel rides, bikepacking, or whatever big days

Kona Dream Builds: Caleb Holonko’s Team Issue Process 153 CR DL

You’d think if you had seen one Team Issue Process you’d have seen them all right? Well, Wrong, while Rhys Verner, Connor Fearon, and Miranda Miller’s Process bikes are all the same build, there are still a few in our team who are rocking some

Win Kona Wah Wah II Pedals and Key Grips with Dirt Rag

We have partnered with Dirt Rag Magazine to give TWO lucky winners a pair of new Wah Wah II Pedals & Key Grips each! Head over to HERE to enter now! If you don’t feel like rolling the dice on entering and just want to

In Full Bloom

Words by ambassador Molly Sugar. Photos by Charries Cafe Springtime in the Pacific Northwest usually means a lot of rain, but on the days that the sun comes out – expect the trails bursting with color. We took full advantage of a sunny day by

26in.fr tested the Operator CR 29

And guess what…they loved it ! The french website www.26in.fr has reviewed our Operator CR. The originality of their test is that they are made directly by the consumer ! They gave it a rating of 9 out of 10 and loved how fast, precise,

Remote CTRLight

We asked our Ambassadors to play with light for their spring theme. Alex Luise took it very literally and created a few really cool images of the Remote CTRL. He then compiled them all into a short YouTube clip. Long story short? The Remote CTRL

Berlin, Bikes, and Coffee

Kona Ambassador Barry McWilliams is an American transplant living in Berlin—a city rich in history, culture and…coffee. It’s safe to say that biking and coffee are pretty excellent compliments to each other. Cool mornings, hot coffee. Long rides and a little caffeine. The invigorating smell

The mountain bikers of the german Kona Factory / Bike Ranch team from Schonach are already on fire for the beginning of the MTB racing season.

“Four medals at the start of the season, what more could you want? Everyone is in a good mood and we are looking forward to the next races.” Markus Ziegler nahmbeim 3 Std MTB Rennen in Waldkatzenbach teil. Bei eisigen Temperaturen und Schneefall ging es

Kona Dream Builds: A Raijin Ti that’s sure to catch your Eye

If you are a fan of Titanium Hardtails, then brace yourself as this one is set to make

The Kona Gravity Team take on EWS Round Three in Madeira

Round three of the Enduro World Series took place over the weekend on the Portuguese island of Madeira. If you are not familiar with the name you would most definitely be familiar with views from this race.  Photos from the cliff top stage seven are

Touring Stockholm with Alexander Kangas

Kona Ambassador Alexander Kangas loves to get creative with his riding. A former World Cup downhill racer and part-time EWS racer, Kangas is no stranger to big hits on his bike. In his latest YouTube video, Kangas takes us on a tour of some of

Hei Hei is named a Best “Downcountry” Bike

Say what you want about the term “downcountry,” but like most weird things in the bike industry it’s taking off with a bit of fervor. Bike Magazine has come up with a list of bikes that they think suit the moniker well, and the Hei

Kona Dream Builds: Rob’s Big Honzo CR Will Make You Mint with Envy

This post is a part of our Dream Build series. To start your own dream build, click here. Rob from Vedder Mountain Bike Co in BC’s, Fraser Valley has built this absolutely stunning and pretty damn blinging Big Honzo CR. Rob wanted the bike to

New York and Ontario, the KONA Demo Tour is headed your way!

Come demo some of our favorite bikes including the Process 153 CR 29 and 27.5, and Big Honzo CR. We’ll even have a few Libres ready to ride at select stops. We’ll have full sizes runs ensuring everyone can find a bike that fits just right. Here are some events coming

What’s in Spencer Paxson’s Messkit?

Kona Ambassador Trevor Browne recently caught up with Kona’s endurance machine, Spencer Paxson to figure out how in the world he can ride so hard for so long. What kind of food voodoo does it take to pull off climbing 32,000 feet in one day?

An Ode to Longer Days

Kona ambassador Graham Beaumont isn’t any different than the rest of us that live in dark, dreary winter places. The Lake District in the UK is known for it’s damp winters when every day seems like a gloomy mud fest. This is fun…for a while.

Kona Dream Builds: Mactalla’s Choose Your Own Adventure Rove NRB

The folks at Mactalla Cycles have built up this super cool Kona Rove NRB DL for one of their regular customers. To say they are happy with how it turned out would be somewhat of an understatement. “The bike was built up as a weekend

Connor Fearon Rides Honzo CR to Enduro Win

Over the weekend in Adelaide, South Australia, Gravity SA hosted a round of their 2019 Enduro Series and Kona Gravity Rider Connor Fearon showed up, but not on a Process as many would except, but on his carbon Honzo. He rode the aggressive carbon hardtail

In Light We Trust

Words and photos by Kona Ambassador Riley Seebeck. As winter comes to a close, my job as a photographer becomes more difficult. I have developed a style for the dark, dankness of the PNW. Light encompasses all that is photography and becoming a master at

Kona Dream Builds: Ben’s Peruvian-Ready Sutra Ltd

Morgan Taylor has just posted up a fantastic look at that Sutra Ltd that Ben Johnson took to Peru or his inaugural bike packing adventure. “When most people think, ‘I’d like to take on my first bikepacking trip,’ they don’t think of going to the

Chasing Light

Word and photos by Kona Ambassador Euan Camlin. (@euancamlinphotography) Light and photography go hand in hand, the right light really does make or break a photograph so that was the task for this topic, go find some good light! Unfortunately, all too often the weather

Must Watch: Admissions of an Amateur Bikepacker

Ben, from Johnson Studios, had the brilliant idea of bikepacking and self-filming a solo adventure in the Andes of Peru. He had zero bikepacking experience. He figured his biking and backpacking knowledge would simply become one making the journey a breeze! How hard could it

British Columbia, the KONA Demo Tour is headed your way!

Come demo some of our favorite bikes including the Process 153 CR 29 and 27.5, and Big Honzo CR. We’ll even have a few Libres ready to ride at select stops. We’ll have full sizes runs ensuring everyone can find a bike that fits just right. Here are some events coming

Into The Woods: Ryan and Becky Gardner Take on The Dirty Sanchez

Sure, the invite-only Dirty Sanchez Enduro looks like a race on paper; top tier athletes, gnarly race courses, timing, start gates, the whole nine.  But those who have attended this party in the woods in Northern California, can all attest that the racing is just

Cory Wallace: Lumberjack, Hockey Player, Tree Planter, Bike Slayer

VeloNews recently spent some time with Adventure Team rider Cory Wallace. Wallace is our true adventure renaissance man, taking on insanely challenging races like the Yak Attack stage race in Nepal, crushing world records on the Annapurna Circuit, and two-time 24-hour solo world champion. What

Reality Bike Check – Blending Bike Race & Family at the Oregon Gravel Grinder

There’s a first time for everything, even amidst an activity that you have done for over two decades. For the last weekend in April 2019, my wife and I packed up the car for our first family trip centered around bike racing, the inaugural 3-day

Kona Dream Builds: Jeff Builds himself a Honzo ST “Forever Bike”

This post is a part of our Dream Build Series. Start your own dream build here! Jeff grew up in Tucson, AZ, riding afternoons away with friends on dirt pump tracks they built themselves. The bikes are now bigger and days are longer but Jeff and

Gran Fondo Magazine Reviews the Libre and Rove ST.

Stefan Trocha of Gran Fondo Magazine spent ample time aboard the Libre and the Rove ST in Madeira and had positive reviews about both bikes. “The Kona Libre is the ideal choice for mountain bikers who want a bike with dropper-bars but don’t want to

Bicycling Magazine Recommend The Kona Dew E

Bicycling Magazine has started publishing their Editors Choice awards and our Dew-E commuter earned a coveted Recommended award in their “The Best E-Bikes You Can Buy Right Now” . “The Dew-E packs functionality and fun into a rather traditional and conservative package. Front and rear

Join the 2019 Swift Campout and Win a Rove ST!

It’s May, and for those of us in the northern hemisphere that means that summer is oh-so-close! To

RED Light

Words by Kona Ambassador Markus Zieher. Photos by Chris Hosper. With the idea to color up the woods

In Pursuit of a Dream Build

Words and photos by Kona Ambassador Lita Monaghan. I am filled with excitement to have an opportunity to build my ultimate dream bike.  I also won’t lie–I hope to snag a highly coveted #KonaDreamBuilds patch in the process, too.   In this pursuit, I am

Kona Dream Builds: Three’s Company – The Bike Station’s Staff Rides.

This post is a part of our Dream Build Series. Start your own dream build here! New Zealand Kona Dealer The Bike Station, has been posting up a number of pretty cool custom Processes of late. We reached out to them for a bit more info on one

Bicycling Magazine Rate the Blast as the Best Affordable Hardtail Trail Bike

Bicycling Magazine has just posted up an editorial post looking at the Best Affordable Mountain Bikes available right

Connor Fearon Takes on Round 1 of the UCI DH World Cup in Slovenia

It’s been an interesting off-season for Connor Fearon. Surgery on his hand reduced his Southern Hemisphere summer riding time dramatically. Training time spent on his DH bike hasn’t been anywhere near to past years. That said once he was given the all clear from the

Keeping it Light on Bikepacking Trips!

Words and text by Kona Ambassador Sandra Beaubien. When I mention to my riding friends that I like

Kona Dream Builds: Superb Steel – Jorge’s Sutra LTD

This post is a part of our Dream Build Series. Start your own dream build here! When you are used to being around the finer things in life, then only the best will do. That was very much the case for Jorge, Hotel Director of the luxurious Pig

Watch Connor Fearon at Round 1 of The UCI DH World Cup in Maribor Live

After rain messed with Connor Fearon’s qualification run in Maribor, he took it easy knowing that he has protected status for the entire season. Hit the link below to watch Connor give it 110% later today. Watch it HERE at 4:45am PDT

Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, the KONA demo tour is headed your way!

Come demo some of our favorite bikes including the Process 153 CR 29 and 27.5, and Big Honzo CR. We’ll even have a few Libres ready to ride at select stops. We’ll have full sizes runs ensuring everyone can find a bike that fits just right. Here are some events coming

Kona Dream Builds: Connor Fearon’s World Cup Slaying Operator CR

We gave you a sneak peek at Miranda Miller’s Operator CR a few weeks back, right before she headed down to the ProGRT in Port Angeles. Given that the first World Cup of the season has arrived, we thought it was time to show you