George Kouzis is one of our Grassroots rider from Cyprus, a gorgeous island located in the Mediterranean sea. Besides being one of the fastest XC rider on his Hei Hei, George is also an ultra skilled mountain biker. It’ time to get to know him!

– Tell us a bit more about you…where do you come from?

I’m from Cyprus an island in the Mediterranean sea with absolutely endless history. It’s a great place to ride bikes especially during winter where the temperatures aren’t that cold. During summer though you have to suffer a bit due to the heat if you are not willing to get up early. The short distances between mountains and the sea is what makes Cyprus special for cyclists.

– When did you start riding?

I’ve been riding since I can remember really but it was until I joined a team that things got consistent, at about 6 years old. 11 years ago I joined my current team ‘’Biking Cyprus’’ where I met my coach. My coach didn’t only know how to teach everything about riding bikes through trails she also has a degree as a trainer so she trains me for the races. I started riding for Kona Bikes in January of 2021 with my first bike being the Process x…and just about a month later I jumped onto the 2021 blue Hei Hei.

“I think my passion for mountain biking comes from the urge to explore, to go faster…and most important end the day with a smile!”

– What’s the result you’re the most proud of?

My most proud result has to be the last XCO National championship in which I took first place…and got to race the whole season wearing the Cyprus national jersey. I am also happy for my win on the Downhill National Championship where I won the Elite men’s category as a Junior

– What’s your favorite trail?

My favorite trail is outside Cyprus is actually in Switzerland more specifically in Saint Moritz. I don’t remember its name but I can assure you its made out of dreams with solid views and nice mellow berms and jumps.

– What does your dream ride looks like?

I think my dream ride would be a bikepacking trip somewhere I’ve never been before, doesn’t matter where. With great company I think it is the best experience someone can have on a bike.

– What’s your dream for this year (on a bike !!)?

My dream for 2022 is to travel as much as possible and race hop on some podiums abroad witch I haven’t done for a while. Above that, to have fun riding and improve my skills further.

– What does a typical “George day” looks like?

Now that school is over my day starts at around 7:30 in the morning, I make my self breakfast to get me through training and I head out for 3 to 5 hours either for mountaibike or road depending what my coach has in mind. when I get back home I eat a meal to make sure recovery goes well, then I chill for some hours do some stretching or get on the foam roller before going to the gym. Late in the evening I eat my dinner, chill a bit watching tv and sleep at around 10:00pm at night.

– What does your training routine looks like?

I have an annual training plan with about 900 hours a year so that sums up to about a morning training and an evening gym session now that I’ve finished school. Of course before races this schedule changes.

George in a typical 5 minutes Enduro winter edit in Cyprus…

XC or Enduro?

My heart leads me towards Enduro rides but my body is made for crosscountry races and I love a big exploring rides…so the hours on the bike will do it.

– Pizza or Burger?

Oh this is close but pizza is my favorite! I enjoy a good burger but I do feel some guilt about the environmental impact it has.

– Flat pedal or SPD?

I love the feeling of being one with the bike so SPD it is!


– Dirt or mud?

Mud is fun but I hate the cleaning afterwards so dirt…

– Loam or rocks?


– Lycra or baggy short?

Even though I spend most of my riding hours in lycra baggy clothes are the best 🥳