June 2022 brought Kona to the first-ever Global Bike Festival in Saalbach, Austria. Put on by our friends at the Global Cycling Network, the event promised a wide array of cycling disciplines, demos, good company, and entertainment. Kona was on hand with a truly international staff: A Brit, a Finn, three Frenchmen, a German, an American, and three Italians. It’s safe to say we put the Global in Global Bike Festival.

Our demo team was crazy busy sending out Process 134s, Process X CR DLs, Honzo ESDs, Libre ELs, Sutra LTDs, Rove NRBs, and more! Saalbach has a wide variety of terrain, from tricky singletrack trails that take you down to Leogang, to big winding gravel routes that take some big legs and lungs to conquer.

The event gave us an excellent opportunity to bring together athletes, ambassadors, and staff from around the world. We were thrilled to share the Kona love via tons of demos, Aperol Spritzers, charcuterie, Neglin, and great conversations. Our Italian Ambassadors from Montanus and Tito Tomasi even gave a bikepacking seminar on the GCN stage to help get people out on bigger adventures. Thanks to everyone that stopped by to say hello and ride a Kona!