“The mix of agility, efficiency, and trustworthy descending make the Process 134 a perfect do-everything steed that feels at home on a wide range of terrain.”

Beta Mag recently visited our hometown of Bellingham to do a mini trail bike group test. It would have been rude not to feature a Kona. Luckily the folk at BETA are anything but rude and asked us for a Process 134 for the test, we happily obliged, sending them a Process 134 CR DL. Well, we’ve been waiting patiently for our review to go live and today it has, the BETA crew echoing what we already knew about the 134, and that it shreds, up and down.  But dont take out word for it, watch and read the review and take theirs! 

Our testers all agreed that the 134 is a joy to climb. It pedals in a way that’s efficient and predictable, it navigates steep technical switchbacks with ease, and while it isn’t a magic carpet machine like some more sophisticated multi-link suspension bikes are, it’s not mushy at all. There’s plenty of support to push into, whether it’s punching up a steep climb, pushing into a berm, or smashing over a rock garden. The 134 prefers to play around and find bonus lines over clinging to the ground, but what it gives up in overall maximum grip, it makes up for in liveliness.

Watch the video above or head to BetaMag.com for the full review.