To give a kidney or not…that is the question. For Ambassador Don Brockett, the likelihood of him being a match for his wife’s life-threatening kidney disease was less than 2%. But sometimes, the world works in pretty spectacular ways. Don and Erin’s original bond formed over tragedy, when her partner was killed while racing street bikes on track alongside Don. They formed a friendship to help each other move through grief. Years later their friendship turned into a marriage.

Erin Brockett has polycystic kidney disease and was moved to the transplant list a few months ago. When they found out the miraculous news that Don was a match plans were set in motion for him to donate a life-saving kidney. Today is that day, and we couldn’t be more proud of Don, of Erin, and of the way they’ve persevered through this incredible challenge.

It’s worth noting that Don has a history of racing on skis, motorcycles, and now bikes. While he waits for delivery of his new Process X, he’s been racing downhill races aboard… a Process 134. You might think he’d be outgunned by riders on a bigger bike. But Don doesn’t go slow. Ever. He’s been taking the top step of the podium aboard his trusty 134 and putting the big bikes to shame. These next few months will force Don to slow down and enjoy a different pace while he and Erin both recover. Their two huge dogs-both named Bridger-will be there to keep them smiling while they enjoy a different pace.

For those of you in the Northwest, enjoy this race season while Don is recovering. You can bet he’ll be back in action and ready to take all the wins next season.

From all of us at Kona, we are wishing Don and Erin a successful transplant and healthy recovery! You can follow along with their journey on Instagram on their accounts: Don and Erin.

Don on his way to another victory aboard his 134 earlier this season. Photo by Patrik Zuest.