All photos by: Dane Perras

When it comes to bike parks, diving in to intimidating features and the bustle of gravity-hungry riders can require a solid amount of confidence. Although the features are well built, the hard pack landings and rocky freckles can be off-putting. With riders zipping by every 20 seconds and the consequence of blind trial and error, some riders benefit from a different approach.

As we’ve seen with major events like Hangtime and Dark Horse, giving women a small group of like-minded individuals and a strong role model to slow it down and tow them in, can turn their “Never, Will I Ever”s into life changing “I JUST DID THAT”s.
This past weekend, Ambassador Jo Peters‘ hosted an All-Day Women’s MTB Clinic at the Coast Gravity Park in Sechelt, British Columbia. Jo arranged for participants to break down into several groups organized by skill level. Each group of six was led by a certified coach who dissected form and technique for features around the park. Whether it was riding a sculpted berm, a sendy jump, or navigating a technical chute, the instructors gave students an opportunity to improve at their own pace.
While the progression that comes from these events is a huge component, the atmosphere and experience were the real MVPs of the weekend. Event coordinator Jo Peters, Kona’s Shae James, and the team of coaches created a safe, stoked, and supportive environment for these women to progress. There was an echo of laughter resounding over the hills and it lingered among the shuttle trucks.

Thank you to everyone who made the event possible, especially those who reserved their spots. There’s something truly inspiring about women-supporting-women environments and we’re excited to be a part of more events in the future. We hope to see all of you (and more!) at the next one!


Jo Peters giving her group an introduction to skills. 

Coach Annie Roy gives her group a run down of the basics before heading up.

Coach Annie Roy breaks down a tabletop jump and then gives a demo for the students to record and rewatch at home when they practice.

Who knew mountain biking was so much fun?

Jo Peters and her group blur the line between recess and classtime as they prepare to drop in to one of Coast Gravity Park’s fun trails.

A quick shuttle up to the top gave the women time to recooperate before dropping into another lap. Although, their laughing muscles never got much reprieve.

Shae James leads a group off of the wooden drop.

Coach Lindsay flows through a scenic berm. 

Each participants received an impressive bundle of door prizes, raffle giveaways, and celebratory bevvies to wrap up the successful day. The post-ride buzz was at an all time high (and not because of the bevvies)!

With the difficulties of event planning in 2021, Kona Ambassador Jo Peters and Kona’s Women’s MTB Coaching Program founder Shae James were happy to have a successful event where they were able to watch women thrive and contribute to their MTB community.

For Jo, this event marked her independence in her own coaching company, Jo & Co.

For Kona, this was the debut event for the Women’s MTB Coaching Program.

After the event wrapped, a celebratory high-five is the audible seal of approval.