Kona Ambassador Gretchen Leggitt is something of a renaissance woman. Whether climbing a crack on a giant granite wall, crushing monster rides on her gravel bike, running 20+ miles off the couch, or tearing apart one of Bellingham’s techy mountain bike trails, Leggitt has the skills to conquer anything. But her real talent lies in her artwork. For the past several years she’s been putting up huge murals all over the northwest and has literally painted the town with color. From massive mountain scapes to a recent art collaboration with Coast Salish painter Jason LeClair, Leggitt’s signature linework has almost single-handedly transformed Bellingham into a veritable work of art. 

What does it take to create such intensely colorful pieces? A whole lotta spray paint and time. Fortunately Leggitt is able to carry a hefty amount of gear and move quickly between pieces aboard her Dew-E DL. It’s fast, nimble, and incredibly practical. We think it’s a work of art, and we think they’re a match made in heaven.

Commuters have been flocking to the Dew-E DL for its stylish design and because it’s a blast to ride. An aluminum frame features a Kona Rove Verso Full Carbon Flat Mount Disc fork. A 10-speed drivetrain works in perfect harmony with the low-profile Shimano motor and integrated battery. Sturdy aluminum fenders and lights keep you dry and seen throughout your ride. Powerful hydraulic disc brakes and 160mm rotors stop on a dime, even in wet conditions and puncture-resistant 650x47c tires keep the road rolling by smoothly whether you’re cruising on pavement, or a dirt path. This is the electric commuter you’ve been searching for!

Riding the Dew-E DL is like riding endless downhill. It inspires me to bike commute even when I’m feeling rushed or tired, when I have unmotivating hill slogs ahead of me, when I have a heavy load to bring to work or when I simply don’t want to show up to an event sweaty. I feel like I get the satisfaction and joy of cycling with the efficiency of a car.” – Gretchen Leggitt