Back in May last year, Connor Fearon showed up at a round of the South Australian Enduro series on this carbon Honzo hardtail. After a solid day racing, he would walk away with the win. “That was the first time I had raced my Honzo at an enduro event! I wanted to change things up and even the playing field with my friends who aren’t professional riders.”

The few photos that came out of that race didn’t quite capture the speed that Connor must have been riding the Honzo, so when Adelaide’s Covid-19 restrictions eased recently, we tasked local filmer with Ryan Finlay with capturing Connor’s raw speed and skill on board the Honzo. We think It’s safe to say that they both nailed it.

“Lots of people think I’m racing a cross country bike but the Honzo is nothing like that. It’s built for going downhill and it was really fast. I think for a lot of the sections the Honzo was faster. It really opened my eyes to what a good hardtail is capable of.”

Photos and Video: Ryan Finlay