By ambassador Lita Monaghan 

For the past two years, I have organized and led a multi-day ride with an amazing group of women.  2020 had another multi-day ride planned, but you know, coronavirus.  Our plans for an amazing trip to Kelowna BC to explore Myra Canyon and the Kettle Valley Trail were canceled.  So, while we were prevented from going the distance to Canada, we still found a way to celebrate our cycling friendship with a socially distant weekend trip at Ocean Shores.

Our multi-day rides have always included bike rides (of course), culinary treats, a support and gear (SAG) guy, and lots of laughs and memories. We still managed to check off all the boxes in a condensed, scale-backed weekend that did not disappoint!

Social Distancing ✅

Bike rides (of course) ✅

While the Ocean Shores elevation is virtually non-existent, our 20-mile bike ride in and around the area still proved to be a healthy workout with a headwind.  The wind resistance was certainly a great glute workout, and there always seemed to be a headwind no matter which direction you rode.  Funny how that works.  We explored the beach, the canals, and saw plenty of wildlife along the route.  

Culinary treats ✅

Riding in a headwind makes for hearty appetites.  Around the campfire, we still managed to cook up some quality meals.  One thing I love about this group of women is that in addition to our love of riding bikes, we love to cook and eat!  Crab (and vegetarian) boil, slow-cooked BBQ, campfire cake baked in a dutch oven, and other sweets made the weekend menu. 


I have previously written about “The Eric,” our trusty support and gear guy.  He is usually driving the support vehicle to meet us at various points to provide ride nutrition and hydration.  This year, our SAG got to relax a bit and he even managed to ride with us.  Even the hardest working SAG guy deserves a break every now and then.

Lots of laughs and memories ✅

Was the trip in beautiful British Columbia as we had hoped?  Nope.  But was it still filled with belly laughs and memories to last a lifetime?  Absolutely.  We gazed at the Milky Way-filled sky at night, ate s’mores, played along the canals, took in the fresh ocean air, and filled our hearts with each others’ company during these crazy COVID-19 times. It was wonderful to feel a little normal after a long break from cycling together.  So if you can’t go the distance this summer as planned, try to carve out something else smaller that can fill your heart with some much needed joy.