Leah Maunsell has repeated her title as Irish National Enduro Champion. We are beyond proud of the talent and hard work she continues to show! Congrats, Leah!

“This weekend was the Irish National Enduro Champs in Ravensdale. There is always so much at stake at this race with only 5 stages to determine who would come out on top. It was certainly not going to be an easy battle for that top step. 

The classic Irish wet weather threatened to come all weekend so it was not only a race against the clock but also a race against the forecast. Luckily the rain held off and we got to race in relatively dry conditions. 

Although it didn’t rain over the weekend, conditions were still quite slippy due to the wet week we had leading up to the race. The stages were quite fast so any mistakes were going to be costly. With that in mind my aim was to have a smooth race with no major mistakes. I had a fairly consistent day so I was excited to see how I got on but I knew the times were going to be tight and it was going to be all to play for. 

They withheld our results until the podium so the nerves and suspense were building. It was such a relief when they called out my name for P1. I am so proud to run the Irish sleeve for another season and I can’t wait to wear it abroad for the remaining EWS season. 

I would like to thank Kona Bikes greatly for all their continued support and the amazing Process 153 CR/DL 29 which I am absolutely loving this season!” -Leah Maunsell