Cory Wallace never seems to slow down. Last weekend was no exception as the Canadian super athlete went back to back with two huge events: the Spakuwas 50 in Squamish and the  Ghost of the Gravel in Alberta. The Squamish race had Cory hammering on his Honzo, while the gravel grind had him leading the pack aboard his Libre.

Luck wasn’t on Cory’s side as someone stole course markings for Saturday’s race and he lost over nine minutes wandering around off course. He managed to drop the hammer, though, and claw all the way back to a second place in spite of the mishap.

After the Squamish event he flew straight to Calgary where he slept just enough before the start of the 118KM Ghost of Gravel race in Alberta. Again, luck wasn’t on Cory’s side as a slow leak in his tire kept him constantly refilling with CO2. In spite of all of the tire issues, he still managed a second-place finish that day as well.

Cory’s goal is to win both events in the same weekend, and with any stroke of good luck, next year will be his year. You can read about all of the crazy details in Cory’s race report.