Words by Sales Rep Jordan Sembler

What is the ultimate brag bike you could own as a die hard Kona fan?  There are a certainly couple that likely make the cut, but none hold a candle to the ever elusive Ti Humu, handmade in the USA by Lynskey!  I was lucky enough to acquire this frame several years ago when I saw it sitting in the Kona USA sales office, initially intended for another lucky customer, but when the sale didn’t materialize, I was the first to make sure it came home with me. 

The situation was elevated when I discovered that there had been a tiny batch of through-axle forks custom ordered for the Ti Humu by the man himself, Dan Gerhard, and there was one I was able to sweet talk into my hands (don’t even think about trying to find one, they don’t exist).  Now the skeleton was there, but what parts do you attach to such a masterpiece?  Only the finest of course!  The goal was to build this up as the most ridiculous, drool-inducing bar bike the world has ever known

I needed the shiniest and most stylish wheels I could find so some polished Velocity rims matched to polished White Industry hubs just made sense.

XTR Brakes are attached to some Paul Component adapters to make those shiny wheels stop and perform outstanding skids. 

Ok, here is where things get extra. Some Original XTR Cranks donated to the project from the Legendary Kona USA Sales Manager Kevin Noble.

I have been a long-time fan of Thomson parts so that was an easy decision for me when it came time to track down the seatpost, seat collar, and stem. The headset had to be a Chris King toped with a cheeky Kona K-Nine Top cap.  Another obvious choice was a cushy and stylish Brooks to rest my body on.


And lastly, my favorite detail happens to be the hand bent beauties from one of my favorite people: The Inspiration to all of us aspiring “Skids for kids” Athletes, Keaton Haire. Some Nickel Plated Legal Drinker Doom bars! They really tie the bike together!
I hope this bike prompts as much jealousy in you as it even does for me, and I own the damn thing! Enjoy!