This insanely pimped out custom Kona Process 153 CR DL 29 was built for Scott, a Lost Co customer from Texas. His trails consist of lots of chunky rock and the need to pedal quite a bit. With this information, The Lost Co was able to build up the perfect bike to be nimble and quick but still have the ability to smash through rocky trails. The Process was the shops first choice with a firm pedaling platform which helps it pedal super efficiently for having a long-travel rear suspension design, and the headtube angle sits at 66 degrees, meaning the Process 153 is one of the only bikes left that aren’t so freaking slack and long that you can’t be nimble and agile on the trail.


Mike and the crew at Lost Co chose the 29″ version of the Process 153 for two reasons: Scott is a tall dude and an XL just suited his height better, and the bigger wheel will carry more speed and climb better than it’s 27.5″ counterpart. This bike needed some real deal suspension, so they chose the shop favorite setup with the Fox Factory 36 GRIP2 fork up front and the Fox Float X2 shock out back. The rear shock has a climb switch to firm up the rear end to keep pedaling efficiency to a maximum, and while the GRIP2 fork doesn’t offer a lockout feature, there’s enough adjustability on the damper to tune it perfectly and little need to actually have a lockout on the fork nowadays.

To keep the weight to a minimum and give the bike that “riding on rails” feeling, Scott opted for the We Are One Agent rims laced to Industry 9 1/1 hubs. We Are One’s rims are handlaid in Kamloops, BC and offer a lifetime warranty, making them an easy shop favorite for carbon wheels. Big wheels and lightweight means this bike is going to be a quick roller, but eventually Scott might want to slow down. That task is taken on by a set of Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes with their beautiful 2-piece floating rotors in 203mm up front and 180mm in the rear. Good brakes don’t mean anything without a good set of tires, so those Agent rims are wrapped in Maxxis sticky rubbers to give the bike mega bite. An Assegai our front and an Aggressor in the rear is an easy choice for tires in a dry climate. This setup will roll fast and offer awesome braking traction in loose and dry conditions.

Keeping with the Fox Factory theme, the dropper post is a Factory Kashima Transfer Post in 175mm connected to a Chromag Trailmaster DT saddle. To actuate the post is the world’s favorite Wolf Tooth Light Action ReMote. Last but not least, the drivetrain is put together by Shimano goodies, and Scott wanted the newest XT M8100 configuration. Everything is XT M8100 from the shifter, to the cassette, to the chain, to the derailleur, to the cranks. The newest XT group has been optimized for pedaling under load which will definitely help Scott mountain goat his way up some steep climbs.

Stopping comes from the ever-powerful Formula Cura two-piston, chosen for both lever feel and sex appeal. As an added bonus, Formula uses quick-connect hydraulic hardware allowing for a serviceable headset and adjustable bar height without having to rebleed the front brake.