Kona ambassador Peter Wojnar (or just Woj) works freelance as a filmmaker in the ski and bike worlds, with a healthy dose of riding on top. And as a rider, he’ll mix in a bit of anything. He wanted one bike that would be equally at home on the steep, gnarly DH tracks that qualify as “trail rides” in Squamish, with or without a camera bag, as it would be deep in the backcountry on a multi-day bikepack or a 100km “day ride” (because if it didn’t take all day, it was a “half-day ride.”

This Process 134 is his answer to that call. It’s built with a bulletproof, no-nonsense component spec and set up to go fat.

Woj is 6’2” and weighs 185 lbs. His size Large bike is set up as follows:

Up Front you’l; find the stock Pike Ultimate 140mm fork with 51mm offset and the new 2021 Debonair spring & OneUp Axle:

  • 105psi, 1 token, 5 clicks rebound, 7 clicks LSC, 1 click HSC. (counting from closed)

The rear suspension is a Rock Shox SuperDeluxe 55mm stroke with a MegNeg air can:

  • 207psi, 1 positive token, 2 negative bands, 5 clicks rebound, 6 clicks LSC. (counting from closed)

OneUp’s 210mm dropper keeps the tried and true Chromag Trailmaster DT saddle well out of the way when it’s party time.

Cockpit: 35mm stem, 20mm rise bars x 770mm wide, soft compound grips. All OneUp, for comfort & style.

Chromag’s BA30 wheels are not the lightest around, but they’d survive a nuclear holocaust and they feel great smashing down any pile of rocks. They’re powered by gluten, burritos, and chili farts by way of the Eagle X01 drivetrain.

 Tires are usually a DH casing DHRII WT 2.4” out back and a DD casing DHF WT 2.5” up front, but sometimes lighter weight tires sneak their way onto the bike. 27psi rear, 25psi front.

OneUp composite pedals are light, durable, and total stage-5 clingers. Their pump and EDC tool take care of any repair that doesn’t require a bike shop, and in a pinch, some that normally do.