Bellingham’s Shire Built and their crew of elite trail builders and riders came together to put on a Jump Jam last weekend that checked the boxes when it came to progression, community, good vibes, and good food! Taking place on Galbraith’s Mohawk trail, the crew welcomed all kinds of riders to join them in doing what they love most: riding bikes. The Mohawk trail holds a special place in Shire Built’s local community. Machine and hand built by Shire Built and friends, this trail starts with incremental tabletops and progresses to some of Whatcom County’s largest gap jumps – making it the ideal spot for a Jump Jam designed to connect riders and provide a space for ambitious and air curious folk to reach their next level of jumping. 

Shire Built’s Scotty Scamehorn and Spencer Baldwin took to the sky to give the Jam’s constant train of riders a reliable conductor to follow through every hit. Always adding their signature style, they also gave spectators front row seats to an inspiring show as they ate hot dogs, burgers, and pineapple. Rider-owned local company Kombucha Town provided the ice cold refreshments on a record hot summer’s day as well. 

When we say that the Jump Jam saw a diverse crowd of rider’s, we aren’t kidding around. The lower pro-line jumps consist of 10 ft. lips and up to 25ft gaps and spectator’s witnessed the youngest rider – a 10-year old on a hard tail – clear them all. An unexpeted hero of the day, was a rider who brought his offroad electric unicycle to play and impressively cleared the line by the end of the session. Always a group to respect the send, Shire Built sent him off with a Kona tee as a prize for completing the challenging line. 

To say the least, the Shire Built Jump Jam was a success and you can be sure to see more events like this popping up from Shire Built in the future. As always, thank you to everyone involved with the Shire Built crew who keeps trails in Bellingham’s communities running smoothly and for continuing to make jumping and trail riding accessible to more people all while keeping a fun and laid back attitude. 

A Jump Jam is not complete without a summer BBQ. Hotdogs and burgers were served to the riders and spectators!

Family fun! This was the kind of event that brings out the inner child in all of us!

We saw some amazing riders hitting the jumps with effortless style… everything from 10-year olds to one-wheelers!

The trail crew kept the jumps watered and in perfect condition before, during, and after the event. 

We saw so much progression and style at this jam! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the riders and trail builders! Keep an eye out next season for another Shire Built Jump Jam…