Saturday May 1st is #WomensMTBday where everyone that identifies as female is encouraged to get out on the trails and ride! Those of you that are regulars to the Kona Cog know that we are huge supporters of bringing more women into all facets of cycling. We are honored to work with an incredible team of athletes, ambassadors, and staff of women that get after it on the daily.

#WomensMTBday isn’t a day that is just for women; it’s a day to encourage everyone to ride with women, to help break down barrriers, and encourage everyone to ride together. Whether hitting the after-work hot lap or the weekend downhill races, there is a growing number of women that are leading the charge for riding hard every single day.

So whether it’s your neighbor, your best friend, soulmate, sister, mom, or daughter, find a rad lady this weekend and go for a ride. Everyone knows girls have more fun anyway.