The second bike in PinkBike’s value group Feild Test hit their website today and it just happened to be our base model aluminum Kona Honzo.  At $1499 this bike fit right in their sub $2000 category. They praised the bike’s ability to eat up awkward sections of trail with ease, and both PB reviewers posted some of their fastest descending times whilst about our affordable hardtail. 

“Longer and slacker bikes can feel like they’re on autopilot while climbing, while the Honzo delivers a more engaging experience. It’ll dip and dive through tight, awkward sections of trail with minimal effort, and manuals are a breeze thanks to that stubby back end. Rolling terrain is where the Honzo is in its element; it feels like an overgrown dirt jumper, and it shines any time the trail resembles a natural pump track.”

Watch the video above or head to for the full review.