“The bike is designed to be a worry-free, have-fun build, where breaking something and getting stranded in the backcountry are never a concern.

For some reason, we’ve never shared the Rove LTD review from the April issue of Road Bike Action with you. Better late than never though right? In fact, RBA finished the review with the same verdict that they did back in 2014 when they last reviewed a Rove.

“Overall, this is a bike that out of the box is ready for adventure. If bikepacking is your thing, there are eyelets everywhere, but best of all, it’s just a balanced bike. For us, it was a bit refreshing to hop on a bike with 30 psi in the tires, not worry about sprint finishes and just explore. Between the natural damper of steel and the high-volume tire, the roads less traveled became our new playground.

The last lines of our 2014 review still remain the final thoughts as we enjoy the ride in 2021: “Kona’s Rove is simply a simple bike that is designed for the simple task of being a bicycle. No bother about weight limits, aero efficiency, or anything else. Just a solidly built gravel bike delivering added access at an accessible price.””

You can read the full Rove LTDc review here.