“This Kona has delivered a solid message of trustworthiness. It whispers “Let go. We will be here together”. And isn’t that exactly why we ride these? To let go? To lose our ego and stop grasping? To go for that double, casing be damned! “

The Radavist has just posted possibly the first ever review written while utalizing our new Kona Rolling papers. Their review of the Process 153 DL is not going to be for everyone, but devout followers of the Smooth Jazz Lines #GetHighStayLight philosophy will no doubt take away a little more than you and I from the review.

“It’s a thing wrought of years and years of incremental product cycles; suitably long, slack, and steep in all the ways that we’re told it should be. And it should be! We’ve spent MANY joyous moments on less advanced designs over the years and they were great! But boy-o-boy, bike designs are really getting there and this one is there for sure. For a unique comparison and in our quest that has brought to this very moment, we spent many hours with the previous alloy version of this bike, and we can say that the subtle geo changes, the small increase in suspension rate progression, and a significantly lighter frame, this bike is has a gentler more precise touch and is eager to break free of the well of gravity while maintaining the predictable composure in hectic moments that the previous version delivered.”

You can check out the full review here.