By Ambassador Josh Rizzo

This is the second in a series called My Lens. Your Lens. We all see nature and adventures through a different lens. In this post, I share a photo from a bike adventure and then Henry Cruickshank and Kate Strom share their illustrated version of that same scene.

Photo Version by Josh Rizzo @the_nxrth

This photo sums up the excitement of spring for me. It frames the eagerness to adventure together with the energy to climb out of the winter thaw. This was an early ride in 2021 just as everything was still newly green. Some friends showed me a brand new area near my hometown and I had a blast exploring with them.

Illustrated Version by Henry Cruickshank @cows_in_cars

I love climbing, not always, but generally, it’s amazing. The path disappearing into the distance, the time to look about, the glimpses of a potential descent, snaking off to the side. Even the pain is somewhat enjoyable. And as a climb is usually at the start of the ride it comes with all the hope and excitement of what is to come.

Illustration Version by Kate Strom @kateheartsart

This scene reminds me of all the strong relationships that are built by rambling with others. I think a different kind of connection that is made when the talking is minimal but the experience is extraordinary.