After a year of scouting for new trails near where I live, I found a blank canvas to build something new. No trails, just some deer tracks and rocky trenches made by Russian soldiers from World War One.

“When you spend all of your spare time in the forest for 8 weeks alone building, riding and filming you might learn something. I learned a lot about the forest, my gear and myself.” – Joonas Vinnari

Tips and thoughts:

  • Be patient when filming alone. Some days you might only get one useful shot.
  • Note to self—after breaking one carbon crank and slashing two tires when riding in trenches from World War One that are made of rock, it’d be helpful to use DH casing tires next time.
  • When filming alone, always try to get a shot, any shot. Just put the camera somewhere. Like Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
  • Don’t leave home without camera batteries.
  • In-camera editing is a great memory saver when out there (if possible with your camera).
  • Risk management plays a big role when you’re alone in the forest. Know what you are doing and don’t take risks. There is always another day if you’re tired.
  • Respect nature.

The bicycle, what a great invention. All 140mm of suspension was used while filming.

I did find plenty of rocks while riding.

Crank took one for the team.

Camera gear that I used for this project:

Process 134 CR DL
– Canon EOS R
– GoPro Hero Black 7 & MAX
– Chest mount and helmet mounts
– Cable cam from Wiral
– EVO SS & DJI Ronin RS 2 gimbals
– Tripod, clamps and arms

This was definitely the first time I jumped over a trench from World War One.

Spring is quickly turning into summer.

Photographed and Filmed Joonas Vinnari

Music: Santa Lucia