There is a delightful amount of pop to this bike, even small rollers will give enough ramp to loft and catch backside further down the lane.

VitalMTB has just published Brad Howell’s 5-star review of the complete 2021 Kona Shonky. Brad and the rest of the Vital crew loved the solid simplicity of the Shonky’s bulletproof steel build.

When it was time to load up the Shonky and head to the park, we’d get a little giddy. It was time to ride bikes, devoid of geometry debates, dropper post lengths, and many of the trappings that our technical, suspension-addicted minds get wrapped up in. The simplicity and reliability of our gold bike meant that we fixated on catching backside just right and nailing the line. There aren’t any revolutionary parts to the Shonky, but what is there works well and kept our mind on the riding, and holding ourselves accountable to our own skills. Instead of fancy wheels or the latest wiz-bang suspension fork, we lobby that you grab a dirt jumper instead. If you can find one, the Shonky should be on that shortlist.