Last year I put together a “Cross Is Coming” series, which took you through the 4 final weeks of prep before the first race of the 2019 season, GoCross. (link to last years playlist below).

This year, things are obviously a little different. With no UCI cross races anywhere in the US there can’t be a “Cross Is Coming” series. However, tis the season and we, in the Roanoke Valley area, are lucky enough to have a single cyclocross race weekend. GoCross, November 14/15! This is the same venue and promoter that runs the UCI version. It just isn’t UCI this year. Instead, it’s a smaller, covid-19 precautions taken, version and it is all I have to call a CX season.With that said I am all in!

Starting two weekends ago I kicked off a “What If Cross Were Coming” series. This series will more or less be the same build that I documented in 2019 but instead of having it be the preamble into a season launch it will more or less be the start and, supposed, end of CX season. Regardless, it will be a lot of fun and I hope it will inspire some of y’all to dust your CX bikes off and go play! Also, if you watch the videos you can win some Shimano/ Pro-bike gear swag! Details in each video!

Week 1 kicked off with my “Big Idea”. This was initiated by the MFG Cyclocross group. Their thought was that with no racing, some fortunate, individuals may be able to reallocate what would be CX season race reg dollars to a cool cause. That is where us racers come in.

MFG reached out to us and tasked us with coming up with a cool ride challenge and a foundation of our choice to donate any proceeds to. The challenge was suppose to be CX oriented in order to garner support from the cyclocross community and entice people to donate.

My idea was to get people to buy laps. The number of laps purchased would be the number of laps we, collectively as a community, would have to do on a taped CX course. The goal was to have to do 500 laps and I chose the Roanoke Outside Foundation as the recipient of the funds because of all they do to increase cycling awareness as well as  maintain, preserve, and provide opportunities to the Roanoke Valley Region.

It was awesome! Everyone from the community came out to help turn laps and we got the 500 laps and then some accomplished, ahead of schedule I might add. Also, we surpassed our $2500 goal and raised over 3k!

Week two we started off by taking a step back so we could relive my awesome Major Jake build.

I got this thing put together with di2 GRX, duraace wheels, Maxxis tires, lizard skin bar tape, and WTB saddle.

Then I tested it out at a backyard CX race. It passed the test, which meant that it was good to go for the first CX efforts of the year at my local park. We got a little crew together and sent some hot laps on the lines we had burned in from my fundraiser event just a week prior.

Finally we capped off the second week of prep with a sick gravel ride in Floyd, Va. The heart of Gravelachia, as a good buddy of mine described it.

All in all this “What If CX Were Coming” series is really about keeping people interested and thinking of cross even though there are no races in the US. I personally forgot how much fun it is to get between the tape and push myself, finding my limits and the bikes limits, for 60 min. I for one am looking forward to the rest of the build leading up to the November 14/15 weekend. Cyclocross is happening and I can’t wait!