Adventure man Cory Wallace has secured yet another top podium spot, this time in the south Indian province of Kerala. MTB Kerala is India’s first-ever UCI XCO event and featured a short, punch 4km course complete with steep climb and rowdy descent. Cory’s long stint in Nepal paid off as he was able to hold tight to the front of the race before attacking on the final lap for the victory.

“I risked the descents a bit more and pushed with everything on the climbs, catching up to Farzbad at the bottom of the last descent with 1 lap to go. Immediately attacking I gained a 5-second advantage but Farzbad closed it and was now right on my wheel. We were both on our limits, unable to shake each other as we raced up the punishing climb.  In my head, the race was to the top of the climb as I figured if I could go into the descent first I’d likely take the win.  This meant going a fair bit over my limit a couple of times when Farzbad tried to come around me to take the lead.  I suffered a lot and had to shut my brain off to the suffering for a couple of minutes, but made it to the top first and took the descent fast, keeping Farzbad at bay.  He would slide out on the last corner before the finish line and I would cruise in for my first UCI XCO win and the $2500 first prize!” -Cory Wallace

Cory’s adventure in India was chock full of crazy travel stories, delayed buses, navigating wildlife on distant roads, and more. You can read all about his adventure over on his blog.