We spied Kristin’s rad looking Operator CR while combing the #KonaDreamBuilds hashtag and after flicking her a DM, she promptly replied with this rad set of images that she’d conveniently prepared earlier. It wasn’t hard to get her to talk about her beloved Operator CR either.
“I build mountain bike trails for a living and also race so I needed a bike that can handle everything from jump lines to technical steeps to wide-open ski trails so the Operator CR was a no brainer!  I’m not a fan of 29in wheels so I chose to build the bike in the 27.5 configuration.  Also having the ability to run 29 without many changes is a pretty great option to always have the best setup whenever desired.”
Drivetrain wise I chose to stay basic for a few reasons.   On the road and at races it’s easier to find a more basic drivetrain component than it is to find the most elite.  Also at my home mountain loose shale claims derailleurs and cranks constantly.  With that said it has a 7 speed Sram GX build with a 36t in the front with an E.13 TRS Guide. 
When it comes to the wheels the Hub of choice was Industry 9 Classic hub laced to Spike 33’s.  I mount those to a set of Maxxis DHF 3C running Truckerco Sealant. 

Up front you’ll find Rock Shox revamped 140mm Pike Ultimate fork. There’s nothing that really needs to be said about this fork, we all know it punches well above its weight.

As far as stopping goes, I built her with Sram Code RSC brakes with 200mm rotors front and back with Truckerco Pads.  I prefer the feel and adjustment of that system. In the cockpit area, it’s all Diety Components for me.  The bars are a BF800 Brendog cut down to 787 with Knuckleduster grips.  The stem is an intake DM. 

The fork is a RockShox Boxxer World Cup and I’m currently running 3 tokens.  The rear shock is the same shock that comes with the bike, a RockShox Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate.   

Off the back is a Sidetrack I Beam with the Retina Post.  For pedals, the DMR V-twin keeps me connected in even the most jarring conditions.  I was dreaming of this build for a while and I’m stoked on how dialed the finished product is.   This has been my favorite DH bike to date!