It’s been about 10 years since I last did up a custom one-speed. Things have definitely changed in the bike world in that time. No longer in the bike game, I needed a hand from me old mate Maisey at Ghost Gum bikes in Adamstown, NSW, Australia to help pull together this sweet rig.

We landed on the Honzo ST for a few reasons. The main one being its sliding dropouts make it capable of both one speed and whatever the other option is. Newer slacker geometry, longer travel fork option, and steel being real were also key features. I wanted a bike that would suit Sydney’s rocky, techy, and punchy terrain. The racing days are well cooked it’s time for a fun sled.

It’s been 22 years since I owned my first Kona and it’s nice to be back!

I chose Shimano XT for stopping and going. It just makes sense and it looks the business. It’s affordable, reliable, solid and plenty light enough. I thought the 4 pot XT’s might have been overkill but now I’m totally convinced. Having only ridden single speed for 15 years or so, I stuck with 32:20 until my legs get a bit stronger for those hills!
Sydney Suspension center helped me getting the new 2020 debonair spring set at 130mm into the RS Lyrik forks. Coming from a pair of Fox 32’s this was a huge step in control and hit absorption. Wowsers, so solid and plush through the whole travel!

Maisey’s talent for tying together classy hoops is on show with Spank trail 345 rims onto DT 350 hubs, the Vittoria Barzo front, and Mescal beaded straight up without any solution. Complete wheels great balance of price, weight, and durability.

Pairing with bling forks is an equally blingy Thompson 40mm stem and Thompson TR35 carbon bar. I am well-pleased with the steering accuracy and stability in rocky descents. ODI TLD lock on grips were selected for a little pizzazz.
The XFusion Manic 170mm dropper post still makes me laug. It feels like I’m cheating.